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Commercial Windows Entryway Jones Paint & Glass
Give Your Business a Facelift This Year
August 15, 2019 / BY jpgadmin / no comment.

Just as an attractive window creates an ambient environment that can brighten a home, an attractive commercial storefront window can literally change your business and scale up your income tremendously. Whether you want to create a new storefront or you

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When should you paint your exterior
April 15, 2016 / BY jpgadmin / no comment.

When should you paint the exterior of your home? It's (finally) spring which means homeowners are starting to think about their outdoor projects. Whether you're looking to update your curb appeal or if your home is in some serious need

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6 Tips for using gray in your home
March 23, 2016 / BY jpgadmin / no comment.

Gray paint colors whisper, where whites shout. If you're like us, you learned at a young age that white can feel stark and unfinished, so to pick a white that has a slight tint in it. Well times have changed

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Garage Door Tuneups 101
January 26, 2016 / BY jpgadmin / no comment.

How often do you use your garage door every day? For most people, it's an average of 4-6 times (2-3 comings and goings). That means your garage door is hauling up or putting down a 150 lb door at least

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Frustrated woman holds head after home is trashed by a break-in
Declutter – 29 Things to Toss Right Now
January 5, 2016 / BY jpgadmin / no comment.

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to declutter your home? We've consulted some of the best declutter experts on the web to find a list of the top 29 things you should tackle first to toss, give away, or

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Bathroom redesign includes custom glass mirrors and cabinets painted with black interior paint
Bathroom Redesign in Two (ish) Hours
December 30, 2015 / BY jpgadmin / no comment.

As if December isn't hectic enough with the stress of the holidays, our designers decided to take their December excitement up a notch with a self-imposed challenge:  2 hands, 2 hours, 1 complete bathroom redesign. Why 2 hours? "I wanted

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Small kitchen table with chalk paint top in Utah home
Announcing the Arrival of Chalk Paint
October 21, 2015 / BY jpgadmin / no comment.

Announcing our newest paint arrival:  Paint du Coco, traditional real chalk painting products for professional, artistic finishes on any surface. A love affair with chalk painting products began when DIY­ers everywhere sought versatile and creative paints that were beautiful and

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Paint your ceiling! Mastering the “Fifth Wall”
June 5, 2015 / BY jpgadmin / no comment.

We've mentioned that solid paint color accent walls are out, and that is true... Everywhere except in what designers are calling "the fifth wall," aka:  Your Ceiling. Paint it, and paint it a solid, beautiful, airy color, and we're sure

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