Decorative Custom Glass

Jones Paint & Glass offers a wide variety of custom decorative glass styles, including textured glass, patterned glass, frosted glass, and tinted glass. Work with our designers and glaziers to design custom glass features for a number of different rooms in your home or commercial building. Decorative glass can add visual interest and varying levels of opacity for privacy or light diffusion. Our patterned glass is perfect for furniture, glass showers, privacy windows, office decor, and more.

Learn more about designing custom decorative glass to bring a stylistic flair, creative accents, and privacy into your home or business! Call today and speak to a Jones glass expert for pricing or for more information on our custom decorative glass windows, doors, and other features. Request your free estimate and a free on-site consultation from a specialist at one of our glass company locations near you!

Custom Decorative Glass Styles

Jones Paint & Glass offers several different styles of custom decorative glass including antique glass, autumn leaf, corsica, glacier glass, bubble glass, water glass, seedy glass, and more. See all our custom glass designs below.


Decorative Glass Doors & Walls

In a similar way, decorative glass doors, walls, and partitions can add style and privacy to a room without leaving the room totally engulfed in darkness. Pick out the custom glass you want for shower doors, office doors and other tinted, frosted, or patterned glass doors. We’ll carefully install the decorative glass doors so that they fit the space just right and won’t squeak when opening or closing. If you feel overwhelmed by options (there are a lot!), our custom glass specialists are happy to talk with you about what you like and don’t like to narrow down different glass patterns, tints, and textures.

Decorative Glass Windows

Give your home office, bathroom, or commercial conference room a little added privacy while still letting in more light! Visit Jones Paint & Glass to see all our options for decorative glass windows. Our experienced glaziers will custom cut each window to fit your exact space. From large ceiling-to-floor custom windows to small decorative glass window squares popular in many residential and commercial properties, let’s design a look that you’ll love.

Custom Glass for Tabletops, Cupboards, Picture Frames, & More: Design and Order Custom Glass Features

Whatever custom decorative glass you want for your home or business, get it at the best prices here at Jones Paint & Glass! Be it textured glass windows, doors, or tables, it pays to work with experienced glass specialists who ensure that every custom glass feature is cut and installed to perfection. Our service is unmatched in Utah when it comes to decorative glass. But don’t take our word for it alone. Contact us today!
Find us in Provo, St. George, and other Utah locations. We’ll be with you through every step of the process, from choosing the initial decorative glass patterns and measuring where the feature will be installed to cutting the glass with precision and finally putting it in place. Work with Jones Paint & Glass today, Utah’s decorative and custom glass experts!