Vinyl Windows by Jones Paint & Glass: Manufactured in Utah

For new construction or vinyl replacement windows, no one has better quality windows at such affordable prices like Jones Paint & Glass. Our vinyl windows series will open up your home to its outstanding views, letting in ample light to make your home glow, all while maximizing on its energy efficiency.

Best of all, each series comes with a 10-year insulated glass warranty and 20-year vinyl warranty. Unlike poorly manufactured vinyl windows, our products’ window frames won’t rot, rust, corrode, or warp overtime. The careful precision we use to cut and install your home windows will also ensure that no moisture, dust, or debris accumulates in between insulated panes.

Give your house windows an upgrade with new vinyl windows, sold at an affordable cost to fit any budget! Learn more about our collection below, or click on the image to the right for a PDF download of our complete vinyl windows catalog.

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New Vinyl Window Series by Jones Paint & Glass
Manufactured in Utah

Jones Paint & Glass offers a brand new vinyl window series manufactured right here in Utah. Our professional installers offer free on-site quotes to most areas in Utah including Provo, Orem, Spanish Fork, American Fork, Lehi, St. George, Vernal, Roosevelt, Cedar City, and the surrounding areas.

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Jones Paint & Glass Vinyl Windows Comparison Chart

Our vinyl windows are manufactured right here in Utah. Our updated vinyl window line is made of high-quality materials and manufactured with expertise that comes with over 80 years in the windows industry. For more information about our windows, visit a Jones Paint & Glass near you or request information online. 

Vinyl Windows for Home Comparison Chart Jones Paint & Glass

6000 Premium Vinyl Window Series

If you can dream it, then we can create it. The 6000 Series is our premier vinyl window series, offering you all the options you can dream of to truly customize your glass. With a full palette of window styles available and custom mulling for any variety of designs, your creativity and vision truly are the only limits.

Series Advantages for 6000 Vinyl Window Series by Jones Paint & Glass
Technical Specs of Jones Paint & Glass Vinyl Windows 6000 Series

The Jones Paint & Glass 6000 Vinyl Window Series includes premium manufacturing advantages including colors such as black and bronze as well as traditional colors including tan, clay, and white. You’ll also enjoy benefits such as premium weather stripping and double-strength glass that improve energy-efficiency. Manufacturing features such as specially plated hardware combat rust while ensuring continuous, smooth operation.

You can customize the size, shape, and design of our 6000 Vinyl Window Series to fit your home design. For more information about this window line or to schedule a free, on-site estimate (available in Provo, American Fork, Roosevelt, Vernal, St. George, Cedar City, and most surrounding areas), please call or click “Request a Quote” today.

5000 Vinyl Replacement Window Series

Our durable 5000 Series features a flush fin design for easy installation. The 5000 vinyl window series is our hassle-free solution for replacing old windows.Choose between a number of easy-to-install vinyl window styles with the Jones Paint & Glass replacement window series. These home windows can fit into nearly any space while being well-sealed and securely insulated.

Replacement Vinyl Window Series Advantages Chart by Jones Paint & Glass
Technical Specs of Jones Paint & Glass Vinyl Replacement Windows in Utah

Replacement Vinyl Windows by Jones Paint & Glass

Does your home need new, easy-installation vinyl replacement windows? Jones Paint & Glass can help. Our 5000 vinyl replacement window series is manufactured right here in Utah with the best in manufacturing materials and processes.

Your replacement windows can be customized to fit your specific needs and look. We also offer professional window installation by our expert team for functionality and fit you can rely on.


For pricing or to schedule an on-site estimate, contact Jones Paint & Glass today.

4000 Affordable Vinyl Window Series

Bring your vision to life at an affordable price. The 4000 Series was designed to give you a premium window at a modest cost. With an assortment of styles and specifications from which to choose, you can combine and customize to your heart’s content, creating your dream without breaking the bank.

Features of Vinyl Replacement Windows by Jones Paint & Glass
Technical Specs of Replacement Vinyl Windows by Jones Paint & Glass

Affordable Vinyl Windows

The 4000 Vinyl Window Series is our most affordable vinyl window series yet. Although you are giving up some features and customizable design options, you are still receiving high-quality windows that last. With high-quality materials and expert manufacturing standards that come from over 80 years in the windows business, you’ll love the smooth, reliable function of your new windows.

For more information about our 4000 Window Series, contact Jones Paint & Glass today.

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Jones Paint & Glass manufactures our vinyl windows right here in Utah. We are constantly updating our offerings to expand our available styles, designs, sizes, colors, and features.

Our new vinyl window line includes affordable replacement windows, vinyl windows for every style and budget, and a beautiful and durable vinyl patio door series.

View our new vinyl window line by viewing our brochure.

Low-E Energy Efficient Vinyl Window Options with Argon

Our Low-E energy efficient vinyl windows with Argon gas come in two options: climate control optimized for either westward or eastward facing windows. In both options, Low-E works like microscopic shutters, minimizing summer heat gains, reducing winter heat loss, and reducing the UV damage to household items. Argon gas is harmless and fills the sealed space between the windowpanes. It further enhances the window’s climate control efficiency by slowing heat transfer through the air between the panes of glass.

Energy Star® Approved

Energy Star Vinyl WindowsOur Millennial Series vinyl windows are Energy Star® approved, meaning that they meet strict regional energy-efficiency requirements that are at least 40% more efficient than required by the most common national building codes. Energy Star® is the premier designation for energy efficient products.

Vinyl Window Repair and Installation Services

For broken window panes, cracked seals, and other issues that require vinyl window repair, call the experts at Jones Paint & Glass! We offer fast repair service at an affordable cost so you can get back to enjoying your windows sooner.

Stop by a showroom near you to see all our vinyl windows in person, or schedule your free, on-site consultation with one of our Utah windows specialists. When you’ve got the perfect replacement and new home windows picked out, we’ll ensure that each vinyl window is installed properly by our experienced team. Call or contact us today to set up a consultation!