Custom Glass Mirrors for Bathroom Vanities, Home Gyms, Mirror Walls, and More

Jones Paint & Glass can create custom glass mirrors for any project in your home or business. From bathroom vanities to home gym mirrors, Jones Paint & Glass can create and install a custom mirror for any space.

With decades of experience in custom mirrors, Jones Paint & Glass is confident that we can provide you the best custom mirror product in the area with a reasonable price and excellent service.

How it Works:

1. Request a quote by filling out our online form or calling your local Jones Paint & Glass location.

2. We will send out a mirror expert to come to your space to accurately measure the space for your custom mirror. This includes custom cuts for light switches or fixtures, electrical outlets, windows, and more.

3. The estimator will discuss options with you, such as polished or beveled edges, etc., and provide you with a quote for your custom mirror project.

4. Once the project is approved, we will work with you to set up a convenient time for our professional installers to safely and securely install the custom glass mirror(s) in your home!

Unlike other custom mirror companies in Utah, Jones Paint & Glass provides complimentary EPA-approved Scargard 2 Chemical Application with all of our custom mirrors. This finish protects the glass surface, making it harder and more durable to prevent scratches. It does not affect the cut or clarity of the mirror, but will help your purchase to last longer.

For a custom mirror quote, contact Jones Paint & Glass today or visit your local Jones Paint & Glass showroom to speak with a mirror expert. We offer free, on-site consultations where we can take measurements, discuss design options, and give you pricing for your project.

Custom & Replacement Bathroom & Vanity Mirrors

A beautiful mirror can make a room, especially when it’s just the right size and style to go over a bathroom sink or vanity. Work with our mirror designers to create the perfect look for your vanity mirror or other bathroom mirrors. Whether that’s to be installed in front of a medicine cabinet or as a stand-alone features, our mirrors for sale are cut with the finest precision for a higher quality you can’t help but notice.

Request a free estimate and consultation today to begin taking measurements and sketching designs for the mirror(s) that will complete your bathroom.


Custom Glass Mirrors for Home Gyms & Dance Studios

Customize your home gym or dance studio with full-length, large mirrors. These mirrors can be customized to fit any size wall and will include specialized cuts for speakers, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and more. Choose the height and preferred width of each pane, and our professional mirror experts will size and cut your mirrors to spec. We also offer professional mirror installation to ensure your new wall of mirrors is the perfect fit.

Talk with a member of our glass and mirrors department about all the customizable options and mirror sizes available for your home, office, or business. We work hard to make sure that you find exactly what you want and need!

Custom Cut Decorative Mirrors

Jones Paint & Glass can create custom-cut mirrors for your home or project. Whether you need custom cut glass pieces for a door or dresser, would like a custom mirrored wall for your entryway or office, or have another unique project in mind, our custom mirror experts can help. 

Talk to our custom mirror experts today for more information about the customizations we have available for your project. We also offer free, no-obligation in-home estimates where we will take accurate measurements for a better, more successful mirror project. Call to talk with an expert today or visit a Jones Paint & Glass showroom to learn more.

We’ve been Utah’s leading mirror and glass shop since 1938. We work with both commercial clients and individual homeowners to design, cut, and install the perfect mirror for your custom project. Our previous projects include everything from professional gyms, dance studios, and restroom vanities, to home gyms, decorative mirror walls, and more. Each mirror can be customized with unique features such as holes for outlets, speakers, lights, and more; beveled or polished edges, or different shapes such as squares, rectangles, ovals, or circles.