Let your child choose their paint color Tip: Have a toddler? Instead of taking them to the paint store, pick 6 or 7 paint chips to bring home and let them choose from. Let them help in the painting process by giving them a small brush or mini roller to help paint with (you can always go back and smooth our their strokes when they’ve moved on to a different section or wall).

We know… We can imagine the cringe when you even think about the possibility of letting your child pick their paint color. You’re imagining neon orange, bright blues, or yellow everywhere… We get it!

But we’re here to convince you that it’s worth it. Even though the color might not necessarily fit with the palette you’ve picked out for your home, it’s worth it to let your child pick their paint color.

Here’s why:

Confidence in their decisions

Kids are told “no” all the time and have their decisions second-guessed by anyone from parents to siblings and friends, and the pressure only increases as they grow older. Letting them participate in choosing the paint color for their room helps activate the decision-making skills that will give them practice and confidence in avoiding peer pressure later in life. A decision like what color to paint their room is one of the first “big” decisions a child can have influence in, and helps them learn what a decision-making process looks like.

Expresses your love for who they are

A child is under regular criticism from their peers about who they are, what they like, and what they wear. Telling your child that you love who they are by letting them fully express their personality through their paint color lets them know that you love them for who they are, not that you love them only when they conform to your expectations or wishes. It lets them know that it’s okay to express themselves and not feel like they have to hide or temper their personality.

Gives them their own space

Kids have so much that is decided for them on a daily basis: where to go, what to eat, how to dress. Give your child to have a space that truly feels right to them by letting your child paint their room. We’re not suggesting you go crazy with an NBA All-Star theme or something (because we all know how transient kids newest obsessions are), but letting your child choose the paint color and furniture positioning can go a long way in enhancing your child’s comfort, creativity, and stability in the home.

Makes them feel like a household participant

It’s important to teach children how to be an active participant in the home. This is why we teach our children how to do chores, help with dinner, participate in family activities, etc. Letting your child actively participate in the home by letting them pick their paint color for their rooms helps them feel like they get a say in how the house looks and feels. This not only helps them feel more connected to the space, but also more connected to the family unit.

Helps them care about their living space

When something truly and deeply feels like your own, you’re more likely to be thoughtful and careful about the way it’s treated. It’s easy to take items or spaces for granted when it doesn’t feel like it matters in the long run, but when you have a connection to something (or a space), it triggers different decision-making thoughts. It all comes down to instant vs. long-term gratification. If a child has a deeper connection to their bedroom, for example, they’re more likely to give up the instant gratification of not tidying up for the long-term gratification of keeping a room that’s important to them nice and comfortable.

Remember, paint is easily painted over. Unless you’re only planning on living in your home for a month or two, the benefits of letting your child choose their paint color far outweigh the afternoon it will take to repaint the room later.

Still nervous about letting your child choose their paint color? Check back next week for our blog on how to help let them choose their paint color while still ending up with a paint color you can be happy with.