An accent wall can be a great way to bring a pop of color into a room without overpowering the eye. Here are some great tips for picking the right wall and right paint color.

1 – Stay architecturally aware. The point of an accent wall is to draw the eye to a specific part of the room, so if you have an architecturally interesting wall, then that is the best wall to highlight. This could be anything from a fireplace to a window.

2 – Watch your staging. Another tip for picking the best wall to use as an accent wall is to take a look at how you have your furniture placed. A wall with a bookshelf, bed, or a cozy reading nook are all great bets for an accent wall.

3 – Curb your fear. Some people use an accent wall when they’re too afraid to paint their entire room in that color. Instead of keeping the other three walls as “safe” neutrals, consider selecting a lighter shade of your favorite color for three walls then using the fully saturated shade for your accent wall.

4 – Consider wallpaper. Adding a print or pattern to an accent wall instead of a simple solid color can bring interest and intrigue to a room. Pick a color from the wallpaper to paint the other walls in the room.

5 – Take fabric cues. Keep in mind that it’s easier to match paint color to a fabric than to match fabric to paint. Pick a color from your bedspread, couch, artwork, or curtains for your accent wall.

6 – Envelop nature. Reclaimed wood or exposed brick are becoming more and more popular. Take advantage of the timelessness of nature by utilizing these elements in your accent wall.