We love spring. It’s the season where people are reemerging from their homes to tackle outdoor projects. Spring cleaning brings a sense of rejuvenation and spring painting brings revitalization. Spring also happens to be a season where people often look at window replacement, which brings revival.

New windows for a home are one of our favorite home improvement projects since it helps people protect their home investments by providing a barrier from exterior elements like heat, cold, UV rays, and moisture. Replacement windows are also more energy efficient, saving homeowners up to $465/year in energy savings. And we love that window replacement is one of the only home improvement projects that recuperates on average 70% of the cost in added home value.

How do you know when your windows need to be replaced? Do a quick window health check:

1. Open and close your windows. Do they move smoothly or do they stick? Is the window able to hold itself open when you want it to, or do you have to prop it up?

2. Moisture check. Is there moisture between panes, or does the window frost or ice over in cold weather? This is a sign of poorly insulated windows.

3. Feel the glass. Are there hot and cold spots? A well-insulating window won’t let heat or cold transfer through.

4. Check the frame. Is there peeling paint on the window frame? This could be a sign of damage caused by moisture, UV rays, or insufficient insulation.

5. Tap the frame with a flat-head screwdriver. Does the wood give? If a screwdriver pushes easily into the wood, there is likely decay and rot.

6. Listen for exterior noise. How well can you hear noises from the outside? Well-insulating windows should provide a sufficient barrier against sound.

7. Use a flashlight to check for caulk or seal failure. Have one person stand outside and shine a flashlight around the edges of the window frame. If light leaks through to the inside, you have seal issues.

8. Candle test. (Carefully) move a lit candle around the perimeter of the window. Watch the flame. If it flickers, it is a signal of a draft.

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