The windows of a home are more than just a structural built-in. They’re a necessity, a functional staple, and an aesthetic addition that has a direct correlation to our happiness. There are so many options to choose from these days when it comes to “window coverings”. You have a plethora to choose from, from shades to shutters, blinds, and shutters. We are here to walk you through the different types of window coverings and what each one does best. 


Window Shutters

Window shutters are the classic way to go when it comes to window coverings. They give that timeless and elevated look. Not only are they classics, but they also keep the heat out during the summer months which is great to keep the energy bill down during the hot summer months. They will even keep the heat in during the winter, again it’s a great way to go when it comes to saving money on your energy bill. 


Window Blinds

Window blinds are more affordable, you can choose from a lot of different materials such as metal, wood, or vinyl. You can get them horizontal or vertical. One of the nice advantages of having window blinds is that they come with privacy! And who doesn’t love some privacy? With homes being built closure and closure together it’s not having someone looking into your bathroom. Blinds are also a way to also help with light control. They are great for not letting the sun seep through early in the morning. 


Window Shades & Sheers 

Shades and sheers are a great inexpensive window covering to add to your home. They also help keep heat/cool air in. Having sheers will help more with natural light and create a bright, soft, outdoorsy feeling while still maintaining privacy. Many sheer curtains are made of polyester which helps with protecting against insects and dust. Shades are another great option for your home, they help with temperature, keep energy costs down, and help with keeping light out. Shades also help with privacy, privacy is something we all want in our homes. 


Consider Your Room’s Aesthetic

We spend a lot of time considering which furniture pieces, paint colors, and décor accessories set the tone of our space, we don’t really put the same consideration into our window shades and we should! If you put that much work into those items you should with your windows. If you don’t have that magic touch it’s always a good idea to consult with an expert! 


Final Thoughts 

Window shades should be an investment, if you are buying twenty-dollar window shades, you’re doing it all wrong. If you do want to go on the cheaper side for window coverings curtains and drapes are going to be your best option. Regardless of what you decide, you should talk with someone who has an eye for this. Jones Paint and Glass have experts with window coverings and we are here to help you pick the best option for your home!