While home prices and interest rates are in disarray–to say the least–more homeowners are opting to home improvement projects in 2023 over purchasing new homes. Since we’re coming out of a pandemic where we’ve been cooped up and entering a professional environment where only 50% of office spaces are still occupied, homeowners are in the mood to create a home that is their sanctuary during work time as well as their everyday lives. At the top of the list for home improvement projects in 2023 are home office redesigns, laundry room refreshes, bathroom remodels, and fresh paint colors.

Top Home Improvement Projects for 2023

On this list are home improvement projects that are capturing the attention of homeowners in 2023.

2023 Home Office Inspiration Natural Elements Black Ceiling

1. Home Office Redesign

Many companies have settled into a culture of working from home. This means many of us are spending more time than ever in the home office (or have realized it’s time to dedicate a part of the home to a home office to prevent wandering interruptions and distractions). In 2023, many homeowners are preparing to redesign their home offices or to remodel or repurpose a portion of their home for this need.

We expect bold coloring and unique decor that expresses the personality of the professional within more than ever before. 2023 is bringing a breath of life and personality to the world of design, and we’re less afraid than ever to let our unique personality and style shine in Zoom backgrounds. If redecorating your home office is on your to-do list, take some time to consider what colors and vibes speak most to you and the mindset you have to bring to your work. Are you looking to bring in energy and creativity? Bright colors and lots of light can help. Do you need immense focus and deep professionalism? Stick with blues, grays, or even black.

2. Bathroom Upgrades

The real estate market is in a tenuous position according to many potential homebuyers, so instead of searching for a home with the perfect perks, homeowners are instead choosing to remodel what they have to turn their existing space into a dream home. One of the major items on the “dream home” to-do list is a bathroom remodel. Outdated bathrooms are no longer being tolerated in this new age of creating the life–and home–you desire.

We expect to see an increase in frameless glass showers, beautiful tile, luxurious shower heads, upgraded vanities and modern faucets, and steam showers. Not only does this benefit the existing homeowners, but bathroom remodels also add to overall resale value.

Luxury bathroom with steam shower and garden tub
Multislide scenic patio doors in luxury dream home

3. Outdoor Living

After being cooped up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized the importance of bringing life to all of our living spaces, including our outdoor spaces. In 2023, we expect to see a renewed focus on outdoor living spaces, from patios and decks to gardens and more.

We also expect to see these outdoor spaces highlighted more, from more outdoor bbqs and dinner parties once the weather warms up, to scenic patio doors that merge indoor and outdoor living spaces.

4. Natural Light

This is a little broader in terms of 2023 home projects, but another expected home renovation in 2023 is the addition of more natural light to the home. Skylights are making more of an appearance in existing home as well as in new builds, bringing light to rooms that typically didn’t see as much daylight sun as others. The modern design of these skylights is appealing to architectural experts and designers alike.

As well as skylights, we expect to see windows being expanded and renewed. Replacement windows not only bring a more modern feel to the home, but they also bring a significant improvement in energy efficiency, which is an additional focus for homeowners in 2023.

Bedroom with plenty of windows and natural light
Bedroom with light green wall

5. Room Redesigns

Even in rooms that aren’t seeing remodels, we expect to see an increase in new paint and decor to breathe fresh life into outdated rooms. From basements to living rooms, master bedrooms to laundry rooms, home experts project that painting projects will be high on the home improvement list for many homeowners in 2023.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive and most impactful ways to bring new life into a home. If you’re not sure what finish or color will work best in your space, ask the paint experts at Jones Paint & Glass and they’ll be happy to help!