Painting your home can be a fun and exciting project! It can also be stressful when you have many rooms you want to repaint and have no idea what colors to choose. We’re here to help take some stress off your shoulders and help you choose paint colors. 

Bright Kitchen Colors 

Now, when painting your kitchen you want it to be vibrant. If you’re like me you might spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether that be cooking meals for your friends and family or eating. Your kitchen walls should brighten up your area with warmth and ambiance. Now if you want a more natural look, you can go for natural wood for the cabinets and neutral colors on the walls. 

Bathroom Colors 

When deciding on a bathroom color, you will want to go with choosing soft colors for your bathroom. Softer colors for your bathroom will give it a more relaxing feel, and even better yet they will flatter your skin tone. Ivory, buttery tan, or a gentle rose paint are great colors for a bathroom. Pale pink and yellow mimic the sunlight. It’s best to avoid bright or extreme colors. If you’re painting your half bath or your master bath is on the smaller side, try going with white or a lemon color to make it seem bigger. 

Living Room 

You spend a lot of time in your living room, especially if you love having people over. You will want a stimulating color, red for example is an excellent color to have in your living room. Try going for a muted red tempered by browns or grays and save the bright red for small accents. Even toned down, a red living room is not for everyone. You could use pale gray paint which allows bright decor to stand out. Personally, I love white walls for a living room, this allows you to get creative with your decor. 


Depending on your personality, you could go a couple of different directions with your office color. The color yellow helps you focus, yellow paint wakes you up. Shades of green also help your brain avoid distractions, even if the green is just adding a few plants here and there, Benjamin Moore’s Antiguan Sky is a creative, modern light aqua that would work well in the home office. 

Final Thoughts 

As you go over what colors to paint in the different rooms in your home consider giving Jones Paint and Glass a call. One of our paint experts will meet with you and help you pick the best paint colors for your home.