Vinyl windows are extremely popular replacement windows. They defy warp and rot and should last a decade or two. Made with durable polyvinyl chloride, they withstand the elements well and can be filled with foam for extra insulation to keep your home at an ideal temperature for you and your family. 

Wood windows are timeless. There is a wide range of wood types available: Mahogany, Cedar, Oak, and Pine are just a small taste of the array of possibilities. These windows last for years and easily transform to fit your aesthetic through paint or stains. 

Pros and Cons

Below, we break down the benefits of each window style by the main priorities of any homeowner: budget, longevity, maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. 


Both wood and vinyl windows have budget options. Depending on the quality of the material, your estimated costs can range pretty widely. Pine, for instance, is cheaper wood; while it still offers the great benefits of wood windows (namely, aesthetic and durability), more expensive hardwoods are sturdier. Vinyl tends to have a slightly lower price tag, but high-quality vinyl can rival high-quality wood in price. At face value, this one seems close to a tie: you can find budget options in both wood or vinyl, but on average, vinyl is cheaper. 


The quality of the materials used determines the longevity of your windows. Higher quality materials will generally come with a heftier initial price tag, but you’ll find that they are a worthwhile investment in the long run. For instance, hardwoods like oak, maple, or walnut, when well-cared for, will last indefinitely


The longevity of wood necessitates regular maintenance and care. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance alternative, vinyl is easily the better of the two options. 

Aesthetic Appeal

There’s no denying the appeal of natural wood in your home. Wood is malleable enough to fit whatever type of look you’re trying to achieve, and updating your home can be as easy as painting the frames of your wooden windows. Perfect for historic, modern, traditional homes and every aesthetic in-between: there’s no place that a wood window will look out of place.

We offer seven different wood species with 19 standard color options, meaning your window will undoubtedly match your vision exactly. 

Vinyl windows can still accommodate many different home décor trends, and carefully crafted windows will amplify natural light and open your space to gorgeous views. 

Energy Efficiency

Wood is considered the best natural insulator, leading to better energy efficiency overall. However, if it’s damaged due to rot or other weather conditions, all bets are off. The resulting gaps will easily allow heat and cold transfer, so this is another reason why regular maintenance is so important for wood windows. 

Vinyl is a good insulator and filling the frame of vinyl with foam enhances insulation further. There is still the possibility of small temperature changes with hollow-core frames. 

Final Thoughts

Wood windows offer longevity and are so versatile as to fit almost any aesthetic, but require regular maintenance and professional care. Proper painting reduces the risk of damage from moisture and they resist expansion and contraction from changing temperatures.