Garage-DoorsHow often do you use your garage door every day? For most people, it’s an average of 4-6 times (2-3 comings and goings). That means your garage door is hauling up or putting down a 150 lb door at least 8 times a day… We usually prefer design over math, but in our calculations, that means your garage door is opening or closing almost 3000 times a year, and moving almost 500,000 total lbs of weight in that time.

That’s a lot…

The garage door is one of the largest appliances in a person’s home, and typically one of the most frequently used. Yet, it’s also the appliance that is most often overlooked for regular maintenance.

It’s easy to take your garage door for granted, but we’re writing this article to say that it’s time to start thinking about your garage door!

A little bit of preventative TLC can go a long way in extending the life of your garage door and will save you from big or costly repairs. A good rule of thumb is to get a garage door tune-up once a year. If your garage door is squeaking, grinding, groaning, or clunking, a tuneup is much overdue!

A garage door tuneup usually includes inspection, lubrication, cleaning, tightening, and adjustments of both the door and motor parts, including:

  • Lubricating all moving parts and springs
  • Checking hinges, rollers, and end bearings for wear
  • Check track for bends or misalignment
  • Tighten all necessary fasteners on door and opener
  • Check hardware for worn parts
  • Lubricate rail and chain
  • Tighten chain or adjust belt
  • Check for wear and tear on gear and sprocket
  • Adjust and clean electric eyes

There are a lot of how-tos for completing this garage door tune-up yourself, or you can call your local Jones Paint & Glass and they can send a garage door expert to complete the tune-up for you at a an affordable price (call for a quote).

Before taking on a garage door tuneup on your own, here are a couple safety tips from Angie’s List:

“You should avoid contact with springs and cables unless you understand fully how those components will react. Never take bolts out or hardware off your door. Because of the high tension involved with garage doors, serious injuries can occur if handled improperly. When in doubt, call out a qualified professional.”

Ready to take on a garage door tuneup of your own? Here is one of our favorite garage door tuneup guides: