Just as an attractive window creates an ambient environment that can brighten a home, an attractive commercial storefront window can literally change your business and scale up your income tremendously.

Whether you want to create a new storefront or you want to give your entire business a face-lift, the team at Jones Paint & Glass will make it possible for you to achieve the ideal look you want.

Our storefront glass windows and doors will give you the added visual appeal you want for your business. All of our doors and windows are made from the highest quality materials, and each is built to be energy efficient and resistant to adverse conditions. Our windows and doors come in all shapes and sizes, and the installation process is very simple, which means you save money on the labor and installation costs.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting doesn’t just involve reducing the glare or the sun’s intensity. In fact, when you tint your storefront door or glass window you create a barrier on the glass that wards off 70% of the heat that’s radiated from the environment during the summer. During the winter season the odds still favor you, because the barrier you create forms a heat retention barrier that significantly cuts down your electricity costs. This would explain why many commercial companies eventually decide to tint the windows of their offices. If you want to join the movement and save money on your energy costs, commercial window tinting is a great solution for your business.

Windows & Doors

Our commercial windows and doors are not only meant to create that impressive and attractive outlook, but they are also meant to provide resilience in adverse weather, conserve energy and reduce the cost of construction. On the other hand, different types of businesses will have different needs for commercial doors, whether its for aesthetics, budget, performance or beauty, you will be spoiled with various options to choose from. Our paint and glass shop has everything you need.

Benefits of Glass Storefronts

If you haven’t noticed, glass storefronts offer a wide range of advantages to the user. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Clear and unique display of store products
  • Clear visibility into stores, especially in the evening
  • Unique visual appeal, (this is because they enlarge the customer’s line of sight, thus drawing them into the store)
  • Welcoming exteriors
  • Saves energy costs

The Bottom Line

We all know the exterior of any business is what counts most. The exterior not only radiates your sense of style, but it sets you apart from your competitors. Whether you are seeking to renovate your existing store, our storefront entry experts have all you need. We have the expertise and skills that you need to make your business look like new again. Call us or request a quote today!