Best Gray Paint Colors from PPG Pittsburgh PaintsGray paint colors whisper, where whites shout. If you’re like us, you learned at a young age that white can feel stark and unfinished, so to pick a white that has a slight tint in it. Well times have changed and now instead of tinted white being the go-to neutral, people are instead choosing more sophisticated and intentional grays.

Grays are amazing because they create a natural base for designs of all shapes and sizes, while subtly hinting at a more modern ambiance than traditional whites and beiges.

The gray trend has been around for a few years, but some people are still hesitating on making the switch because they aren’t quite sure how to best use the color in their homes. We’ve accumulated the top # tips for using gray in your home.

Tips for using gray in your home:

Pair it with a bold accent color

If you’re switching out your beiges for grays, then you’re in luck. Grays provide a much more natural base for bold accent colors like orange, green, red, an even white. With cool and warm tones available, you can find the gray that matches best with the accent color that showcases your personality.

Pair darker grays with metallics

If you are so bold as to go for a darker, moodier gray, be sure to pair it with some gorgeous, shiny metallics. This really helps the metallics shine against the perfect background and bring elegance and sophistication into your home.

Lighter grays are more illuminating

If you’re looking to bring light into a room while keeping a more modern tone, choose a light gray and pair it with whites. It will brighten up any room.

Use flat paint on walls

Gray hides flaws well, which means you don’t need to go with semi-gloss like you traditionally had to with white. Picking flat over a shinier sheen keeps your gray from looking too industrial. It also brings a softness into your rooms that you couldn’t achieve with gray’s white counterpart.

Pick creamier trim

Unless you want to showcase your trim or enjoy the bold, stark contrast, pick a white that has a hint of cream in it. This will help your trim seem less jarring against your gray walls.

Consider a wallpaper accent wall

There are so many amazing wall modern wall coverings, and the versatile palettes of grays make these sleek designs even more attainable in your home.