In 2017, design experts and forecasters are predicting colors that show off our personalities more than ever.

Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the vibe of a room–and it’s also one of the easiest mistakes to fix if you end up hating the color. In the past, many homeowners had settled on a basic or neutral paint color in order to “preserve retail value” or to “play it safe.” But as homeowners have realized how easy it is to repaint a room (either before selling or once the trend has passed), they’ve been more willing to paint the colors they actually want.

2017’s paint color trends lean toward bravely expressing your personality in functional, accessible ways.

The following are some color the personality + paint color trends forecasted by paint and design experts in 2017:

Comfortable 2017 Paint Trend

Confident Paint Color Trend

Paint Trend ComposedWhat part of your personality will you showcase in 2017?