Commercial Rock Chip Windshield Repair

Commercial Rock Chip Windshield Repair Program in Roosevelt, UT

Windshield replacement is glued to a car using strong adhesive
Looking for commercial rock chip windshield repair and replacement services for your fleet of commercial vehicles?
Our commercial vehicle and fleet accounts are offered the highest value for the lowest prices. We offer the most competitive price packages in the Roosevelt, UT area for rock chip windshield and replacement services for your entire fleet of commercial vehicles. Whether you own a fleet of vans, trucks, or busses, our experienced and reliable technicians ensure you with the highest-quality glass, sealant, and installation techniques that guarantee safety, durability, and confidence for you and your drivers.

Quality You Can Count On

Our mission is to get your fleet of vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. That’s why at Jones Paint and Glass we use Sika brand adhesive, the highest-quality and guaranteed safest and most durable glass adhesive available. While lower quality adhesives require up to 24-hours of drying time before you’re able to drive, Jones Paint & Glass’ use of Sika means you can safely and confidently drive just one hour after your windshield replacement service.

Enroll With The Best & Forget The Rest

We make enrolling in our convenient program quick and easy. Once your account with Jones Paint & Glass in Roosevelt, UT is setup, simply pay one low monthly fee to allow any and all commercial (or other) vehicles on your account access to unlimited rock chip windshield repair at any time for no additional cost. Your account also allows you full access to all our auto service centers, mobile windshield repairs and replacement services, and exclusive discounts on all Jones Paint & Glass products and services.
Never be without immediate rock chip windshield repair and replacement services for your commercial fleet again. With over 80 years of experience in the glass industry, we take great pride in our dedication to providing you with the highest-quality products and exceptional customer service
Call 1-800-748-5030 or visit us in-store today for more information and details on our Commercial Fleet Account Programs or to request a FREE quote.