Euro glass shower doors give a remodeled bathroom a feel of luxury
Sometimes custom glass isn’t always the best solution for a project’s budget or needs. But more often than not, Plexiglass is the next best alternative. Plexiglass is a transparent plastic resembling glass that’s 17 times stronger than glass and only 50% of the weight. Since Plexiglass is unaffected by moisture and because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, it is an ideal solution for commercial signage and windows.
Thin Plexiglass sheets are less likely to break than glass. If you’re in need of a long-lasting and impact-resistant covering or pane, Plexiglass may be the perfect fit. Unlike standard-sized Plexiglass that you can buy at other home improvement stores, Jones Paint & Glass offers our Utah customers custom-cut Plexiglass by our professional team. Each edge is smooth and clean cut for a more perfect finish.
Jones Paint & Glass also carries Lexan (polycarbonate) for such applications as boats, camper shells, frames, signs, and window well covers.
No matter the application, Jones Paint & Glass has the expertise and advice to help you complete your project. Know what you’re looking for or need an expert opinion? Call or stop into your local Jones Paint & Glass today. We’ll begin the plastic fabrication process to form your Plexiglass or Lexan that fits your needs.


What Can I Use Plexiglass For?

Plexiglass can serve multiple needs for commercial and residential properties alike. Use Plexiglass to line cabinet shelves to make them easier to clean. Have it fitted for various sizes of picture frames to prevent breaking if the frame should fall. Protect the surface of desks or tables. Replace panes in porch lights or garage door windows. Install for window well covers. Use Plexiglass for commercial sign covers and retail displays. The list goes on and on!
At Jones Paint & Glass, we can customize the shape and size of Plexiglass or Lexan sheets however you may need. Our guarantee is a flawless finish and high-quality fabrication unlike anywhere else.


Master bathroom with row of vanity mirrors and long doubled sink counter
Large decorative glass display case

Custom-Cut Plexiglass in Utah

Take your pick between transparent, opaque, colored, tinted, patterned, or mirrored Plexiglass. You can even schedule an on-site consultation with our Plexiglass experts for free to discuss options in transparency, color, thickness, size, and shape.
Each order of Plexiglass, Lexan, or transparent acrylic sheets is precisely cut by our experienced specialists for a more accurate fit. We’ll even install the Plexiglass for you with the same careful precision and exactness as we bring during fabrication. Expect only the best in quality and installations with Jones Paint & Glass.
Contact us for all your Plexiglass and other home improvement needs. From the top paint products to energy-efficient windows, we’ve got it all. Request a free estimate for your next project from our family-owned and operated business in Utah locations including Provo, St. George, Cedar City, Vernal, Roosevelt, and American Fork.