Baby girl sits is a crib surrounded with light gray pillows and gray-painted wallsWe wanted to share some DIY ideas for converting a drab room into a beautiful girl’s nursery!  One of our Jones Paint & Glass customers recently transformed a neon nightmare into a heavenly haven with a good coat of primer, some beautiful neutral Devoe paint colors, and some creative DIY embellishments.

Step 1: Preparing the Walls

This family purchased a home in December in preparation for their first child, a baby girl (Lily Ann) due June 8.

With the purchase of a new home and a baby on the way, this family needed to transform the to-be nursery on a tight budget.

Baby girl's nursery with gray wall, crib, and sitting chair, with a soft, pink blanket draped over the crib

Color palette for outdoor landscape including natural, neutral paint colors such as grays and greensThe previous homeowners had chosen a bright, vibrant lime green for this bedroom. Our family wanted to cool down the room with colors inspired by the sky to bring a peaceful, outdoorsy feel inside.

Our family chose Devoe Paint’s Hillside View and Natural White for the two paint colors in the room. The Hillside View, a smoky, earthy blue-grey went on the back and side wall. The Natural White, a warm alternative to the stark pure white, went on the wall with the window seat as well as the wall with the closet.Remodeled baby room and nursery with natural light filtering into through the window with dusty rose curtains on the gray painted walls

Interior home painting project in progress with paint tray and roller on metal step ladder ready for paint primer to be applied, with cans of paint and plastic dust sheet in the backgroundSince the family had such a bright color on the wall previously, we needed to use a high-quality primer to make sure that bright, bright lime green wouldn’t show through the fresh, new paint. The family chose Devoe’s High Hiding interior primer.

With more neutral tones on the walls, DIY girl’s nursery decor was used to soften and warm the room while giving it a cheerful, adorable feminine touch!

Minimalist child's room decor including play table, chair, stuffed animal, and decorative white ladder with colored tissue paper pomsStep 2: Adorning with DIY Baby Room Decor

The family made a memory foam cushion to provide a comfortable seat under the window. They then made a series of beautiful homemade tissue paper poms to bring bright colors to the white walls.

Check out our tutorial on how to make DIY tissue paper poms HERE!

Bright, feminine pillows from Target liven up the window bench seat and provide texture and color against the neutral wall and cushion. These fun-textured pillows are perfect for adorning the bench seat since babies love to touch soft, textured fabrics.

The family chose inexpensive storage cubes from Walmart for under-the-bench storage. They put toys, books, and blankets in these easily-reached cubes.

A very important (and beautiful) element to the DIY girl’s nursery includes a white tree wall decal with pink birds accenting the back wall.

The decal on the back wall with the Hillside View Devoe paint is what really made the room. Without it, the room would be a little too dark to look like a nursery at all. It helped us take a nontraditional paint color and really make it work for our baby girl.

Other DIY decorative elements to the nursery include a homemade white paper butterfly mobile hanging above the glider in the corner and 3-D homemade paper butterflies put in clusters of three next to the closet and above the side table.

Baby girl's nursery details including a lamp and dresser alongside gray and white painted walls

What do you think of these DIY girl’s nursery room ideas? Do you like the change of pace from the typical pink or lavender walls? We sure do!

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