Pink tissue pompoms used as decoration for a party or decor for girl's room

Do you love soft, colorful tissue paper poms? Check out our DIY blog to see how you can make these inexpensive, beautiful decorations at home.

Tissue pompoms used as decoration for a party

DIY Tissue Paper Poms Supplies:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Wire
  • Clear Nylon Thread
  • Scissors

Baby room decor with crib, chair, and decorative ladder with tissue paper poms

Step 1

To create these poms, you will want about 12-16 layers of tissue paper. First, stack the layers of tissue paper and cut into a square with an imperfect scalloped/wavy edge. You may make whatever size of pom you want depending on this square — keep in mind that the diameter of the pom will be about 1/3 smaller than the length of the square you cut.

Tissue paper pom pom used for party decoration or interior home design

Step 2

Crumple up the layers together. This gives your tissue paper pom a beautiful texture. The more crumpled you make the paper, the softer the pom will look.

Girl's baby room interior with pink painted walls and dainty decorations such as tissue pompoms

Tissue paper pompoms are great go-to pieces for decorating a baby room on a budget!

Step 3

Un-crumple the layers and, beginning from the center of one edge of the square, tightly fold the edge toward the second edge in a tight fan fold. See the image above for reference.

Valentine's Day decoration with red tissue paper pom pom in vase next to an envelope with a red heart

Step 4

Secure the center of the tissue paper tightly with a length of wire.

Toddler girl celebrates birthday outside with tissue paper pom poms on a string in the background

Use tissue paper poms as affordable decor or for special occasions, like decorations at a child’s birthday party!

Step 5

Gently separate the tissue paper layers, shaping as you go.

Baby room interior with crib, plush animals, and decorative tissue paper poms

Step 6

Use a length of clear nylon thread to hang the poms as desired.

Turquoise tissue paper pom poms stacked on top of each otherUse a variety of colors and sizes of DIY tissue paper poms to hang in your room for beautiful, vibrant, inexpensive decor!

What do you think of this DIY project? Do you have a room that you would hang these DIY tissue paper poms in?

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