What is your interior design style? Pull out a pad of paper and take our design quiz to find out!

Quiz Instructions:

Keep track of your answers to each of the following questions, then tally up how much of each letter you have at the end of the quiz. At the end of the quiz, whichever letter you have the most of will unveil your decorating style!

1. Which piece of decor could you decorate a room around?

Home decorating style quiz block showing pieces of home decor to choose

2. Which of the following collections of fabrics most inspires you?

Home decorating style quiz block showing different fabric types to choose


3. Which window treatment do you most envision in your dream room?

Home decorating style quiz block showing window blinds, curtains, and treatments to choose


4. Which of these color palettes most appeals to you?

Home decorating style quiz block showing color paint palettes to choose

5. Which couch would you use as a key piece in your room?

Home decorating style quiz block showing living room couches to choose


6. Which wallpaper would you be most likely to use in a room?

Home decorating style quiz block showing wallpapers to choose

7. Which headboard is more likely to be in your bedroom?

Home decorating style quiz block showing bed headboards to choose

Tally up your answers and check out your results below to see which of our five trendy design styles most speaks to you!

Mostly A

Well-lighted, art eco interior home design with plants and couchYour design style is Art Eco! This means your decorating style is widely inspired by the outdoors, but also has a very artistic twist that takes your design elements from cabana to luxury. You prefer to bring in light and warmth to a room by incorporating outdoorsy and organic elements into your room, and these elements are largely very unique and creative, like you!

Words that describe your design style:  Organic, outdoorsy, creative, earthy, unique.

Mostly B

Example of vintage chic home decorating style with antique candle holder, rustic box with dried flowers, and wooden decorationsYour design style is Vintage Chic! This means you find beauty and creativity in pieces that others often overlook. When you are searching for a unique and beautiful focal point for your room, you don’t tend to take objects at face value — instead you see how you can manipulate the piece to breathe new life into it, bringing it from old to a sight to behold.

Words that describe your design style:  Inventive, unique, creative, classic, inviting.

Mostly C

Masculine glamour interior design for home office and bedroom, painted with dark gray paintYour decorating style is Masculine Glamour! This means you love bold, darker hues with creative, oftentimes metallic accents that upgrade a dark and cozy room to classy and sexy. Your style combination of masculine and glamorous is like enjoying a prime cut of steak by candlelight.

Words that describe your style:  Seductive, glamorous, classy, bold, mysterious.

Mostly D

Glam chic interior design for home guest room with various bold patternsYour design style is Glam Chic! Having a glam chic decorating style is all about being bold. This means bold colors and daring patterns paired into a surprising and fashionable combination. Your style shouts your personality, showing that you are proud to be loud and creative.

Words that describe your design style:  Dynamic, embellished, bold, creative, graphic.

Mostly E

Minimalistic, global contemporary interior design in living room, with influences from Scandinavian and Japanese home styleYour decorating style is Global Contemporary! This means you like to add interesting and unique elements from foreign places to bring warmth and creativity into contemporary spaces. Your contemporary side comes out in clean minimalism that you embellish with accenting pops of color, eclectic accessories, and exotic charm.

Words that describe your decorating style:  unique, edgy, minimalist, eclectic, exotic.

What style are you? Do you agree? Let us know by commenting below or sharing on Facebook!