We’re in love with PPG Pittsburgh Paint’s 2015 color of the year, Blue Paisley. To be honest, we’re more in love with this color choice than the marsala red that Pantone picked for their color of the year… Yes, marsala is a sophisticated and perhaps a more classical choice, but the PPG Pittsburgh Paint color of the year, is cool, rejuvenating, vibrant, and beautiful.

Blue Paisley, PPG Pittsburgh Paint's 2015 color of the yearJust look at it. Blue Paisley is the perfect combination between bohemian and global flair. Not quite royal blue, and not quite electric blue, but a lively and lavish in-between.

This gorgeous blue paint color pairs perfectly with creams and metallics — of course, because what richly-hued color doesn’t look good with metallics?

It also pairs beautifully with raw woods, mustard yellows, and a dash of peacock green.

This color is better used in larger spaces, like living rooms, master bedrooms, or foyers. It can also be used in light and bright living rooms. Remember, solid paint accent walls are out of style now, so if you’re going to use this paint color, be bold and paint all the walls!

As always, just telling you that Blue Paisley is a gorgeous color and that you should buy a couple gallons to slap onto a wall today isn’t enough. So we wanted to take an extra minute to tell you some of our favorite ways to use this gorgeous PPG Color of the Year 2015 in your home!

In a beautiful blue paisley master bedroom, you can pair the gorgeous, fresh color with grainy woods, mirrors, and whites letting the blue stand out.

Entertaining guests in the dining room? This color of blue is perfect to bring liveliness and style. It can be paired with modern furniture for an updated look, or with old-fashioned furniture and patterns as a throwback to it’s paisley namesake.

Not a fan of bold walls? Fret not. Blue paisley also looks gorgeous in accents such as those lovely paisley-inspired throw pillows, and accented with a striped rug and patterned chair.

If you find this hue is a little to bright and bold for your tastes, tone it down with a little gray and pair it with a mustard yellow.

Is this 2015 color of the year going to make it into your home any time soon?