Tiffany Blue Laundry Room

Tiffany Blue color inspiration.

Laundry rooms aren’t the type of room that you redecorate so you can cozy up in it with a small group of friends and a pot of tea. It’s not even the type of room that you redecorate so you can show off your impeccable style skills to the occasional passerby.

No, laundry rooms are the type of rooms that you bring color and light into for you, your family, and – it’s worth saying again – you.

This laundry room makeover was inspired by a large pile of un-ironed clothes shoved into a cabinet down where no one would bother to look. With a pile like that, it’s worth wondering:  if this laundry room wasn’t so ugly, would I be more motivated to do the ironing? Or to wash that pile of bed sheets? Or, really, to spend any time in here that’s NOT under duress?

Well, it’s worth a shot anyway.

What exactly constitutes an ugly laundry room, you ask? Take a look at these “before” pictures for a quick glance:

Laundry Room Before Picture

Oak. Bland. Blah. Plus that ugly rolling clothes rack that is an eyesore but oh-so-necessary.

But take a look at this beautiful post-redesign Tiffany Blue laundry room!

Tiffany Blue Laundry Room

Voila! Beautiful! C’est magnifique, no?

Here are a few elements worth admiring in this lovely Tiffany Blue laundry room redesign:

  1. Sultry and elegant Tiffany Blue paint. Need a color match? Our in-store paint experts can help you find the perfect hue.
  2. White cabinets! A HUGE improvement from the oak, and an easy weekend DIY project. Check back later this week for a detailed how-to for painting or re-staining your oak cabinets
  3. An awesome (and inexpensive) crystal chandelier, because there’s nothing wrong with a little Tiffanys-inspired bling-bling in your laundry room.
  4. Bathroom wall shelves repurposed to replace the ugly rolling clothes rack that was an eyesore but oh-so-necessary! Two were installed during this laundry room redesign, and each of those babies can hold up to 20 hangers, which is plenty of space to be able to retire that rolling clothes rack for good!
  5. White ceramic décor pieces. The fun ceramic lion and owl bring some wonderful playfulness and contrast against the Tiffany Blue laundry room walls.

Isn’t it about time you took on a design project just for you?

Leave a comment below describing your dream laundry room redesign and one random commenter will win a $50 gift card to Michaels Arts & Crafts!


5 thoughts on “Tiffany Blue Laundry Room”

  1. Love the redo! My dream laundry room has a drying rack, a hidden fold down ironing board, and a soaker sink! Basically everything a great laundry room should have!

  2. I’d love an open, bright room much like this one so doing laundry doesn’t take over the family room too. I love this bold color that contrasts the appliances too.

  3. Love the color and the chandelier idea! As for my dream laundry room, assuming I’m living on my own, I think incorporating the laundry room into a fancy-pants walk-in closet would be awesome. Enough storage space, ample lighting, maybe a nice pink color…

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