Perfect Purple Room Ideas
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We sometimes wonder if most Americans are colorphobes. The taupes and tans are picked over the vibrant and edgy hues time and time again. We want to inspire you to take another look at that paint swatch in your hand and think, “I’m going to bring in some color!”

Purple is a difficult color to work with, even for some professional designers, but we believe that with the right information you can have the confidence to take the leap and paint a purple room (and do it right).

Here are some tips for picking the perfect purple paint color:

1.  Grey it down. Most paint colors intensify and become twice as bright and light when painted on all four walls. A lot of paint stores will recommend you choose a paint color that is two shades lighter than the color you’re actually going for, but with purple we recommend to choose a little more muted and slightly greyed-down version of the color you’re hoping for. This will get your walls closest to your dream color!

2.  With purple rooms, monochromatic color schemes are your friend. Embracing color doesn’t mean you need vibrant splashes of color that transform your room into a rubiks cube of color blocking (unless that’s the look you’re going for, of course). Pairing your purple room with sophisticated shades of complementing purples and greys.

3.  Choose your paint color last. It’s easier to match a paint color to the accessories and accents of your room than it is to find a vase or bedspread that matches the paint color you’ve chosen. If you’re nervous about taking the leap into a bold purple room, then picking out the decor first can help build your confidence to pick out the perfect paint color.

If you’re going for a romantic feel, then a lavender accent wall and some light purple accents paired with white plush and furs just might do the trick.

If your furniture is mostly whites and blacks, then bring in your boldness with a dark purple paint.

A monochromatic purple room can still be bold, especially with different shades of violet.

What room in your home could use a splash of purple? Tell us by commenting below!


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