We’ve mentioned that solid paint color accent walls are out, and that is true… Everywhere except in what designers are calling “the fifth wall,” aka:  Your Ceiling. Paint it, and paint it a solid, beautiful, airy color, and we’re sure you’ll be in love!

Many designers are sticking with blues and greys for their painted ceiling color choices, but some are brave enough to paint something bright and bold, or dark and broody, and beyond.

Painted ceilings are transformational. They make a room seem taller, bring in color in unexpected places, and create more robust design dimension in your home.

We put together some our favorite ideas for painting ceilings. Would you give any of these a try in your home?

Honesty by PPG (1034-2) is gorgeous and airy in this sun room, especially paired with the light woods and pops of deep aqua accents.

A steely blue is perfect to bring color into this beautiful white cottage kitchen.

Are you bold enough to go all-out-glam with an elegant metallic gold ceiling? A shimmery paint bounces warm light around the room, giving the overall feel a rich glow.

If you prefer a tamer palette, elegance can be subtle, like with a lovely silver-blue ceiling.

Make your walk-in closet seem bigger and more chic by painting the ceiling the color of your favorite blouse.

We love the warmth that a yellow-gold painted ceiling brings to an otherwise neutral master bedroom.

Did you ever put those glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling as a kid? So did we! Which means we’re in love with the modern interpretation of a sky blue painted ceiling with metallic silver star decals.

Solid is safe, but stripes are fun! In a smaller room, such as a bathroom, a striped ceiling can be a lovely addition (so long as your walls are solid colors).

We’re seeing variations of the airy aqua on ceilings all over the place… And it’s no wonder. The color is gorgeous!