Now for the DIY part of our DIY girls room on a budget:

Let’s start with the shelf seat. This adorable, functional piece is an IKEA Hacked EXPEDIT bookshelf. To get the look on a budget:

  1. Paint the interior of the shelves painted a pale turquoise.
  2. You can create a DIY seat cushion by purchasing a cut-to-size foam pad (available at most hardware stores) and covering it with a fabric of your choice.
  3. Top with a few throw pillows.
  4. Lastly, find a few white wicker baskets (check out your local Goodwill for cheap baskets — remember, you can spraypaint them if you need to brighten up the white), and you’ve got the look!

Next, is that adorable coral side table. Furniture in a designer color like coral can be super expensive, but if find a cheap second-hand end table (or we like the HEMNES Nightstand from IKEA) and paint it yourself, then you can probably save yourself $100+!

Can we tell you just how much we adore the message board above the desk? This is easier to put together than you think:

  1. Stock up on some of IKEA’s large NYTTJA frames, some sheets of cork board, and some cute patterned scrapbook paper. Make sure to measure the area to make sure to measure your frames first so you don’t end up with overhang.
  2. Fasten the sheets of cork board to the wall (some 3M mounting squares will make this a super easy process).
  3. Next, use spray adhesive to mount scrapbook paper onto the cork board. Again, make sure to measure the scrapbook paper so the patterns are square with your frames.
  4. Mount your frames (without the backs and front pane, of course) over your pretty board. You can save on the number of frames to use if you only frame every other square.
  5. If you’d like, check out the scrap piece section of your hardware store for molding to go all the way around your message board.
  6. Have you seen those FINTORP cutlery pails hanging up on IKEA’s model kitchen walls? Mount those on your cork board and you have a cute place to store pens, pencils, and crayons!

Think you could take on a DIY project like this?