There’s a new paint trend that is making a splash in the interior design realm:  glossy paint over flat. In this cool paint pattern, designers use the same color of glossy and matte paint to create a subtle design that is especially beautiful in well-lit rooms.

Begin with a matte wall and use a patterned stencil to roll the glossy paint pattern over the top.

You could also begin with a coat of glossy paint topped with a patterned layer of matte.

Can’t find a stencil you like? You can always take some creative liberties and hand-paint the perfect design on your wall like this DIY-er did.

Stencils can be simple and classy or elaborate and ornate. Just remember that with simpler stencils you’ll likely be able to use a roller, but with more intricate designs you may need to use a brush or sponge.

While this new painting technique can be a great substitute for wallpaper, it can also be a fun way to incorporate subtle artwork onto your walls.

Glossy paint over flat doesn’t just work for pretty designs; you can have fun with more masculine themes too like flames or chevron stripes.

What do you think? Would you be up for a glossy paint over flat design project like this?