As if December isn’t hectic enough with the stress of the holidays, our designers decided to take their December excitement up a notch with a self-imposed challenge:  2 hands, 2 hours, 1 complete bathroom redesign.

Why 2 hours?

“I wanted to challenge myself to make a noticeable change within the length of time my toddler naps, since that’s about the only time I have to pick up a paintbrush!”

Since the bathroom was small (just a little half-bath), already had updated fixtures, and didn’t have any cupboards to repaint, a 2-hour bathroom redesign seemed doable.

To make this challenge work, our designers had to put some extra time into preparation. This meant deciding on a color palette, linens, updates to be made, and purchasing all the supplies beforehand. A little time on Pinterest and a few quick shopping trips including a stop at our local Jones Paint & Glass store (which happened to be the American Fork location) and we were ready to go!

We were immediately drawn to the “Blue Persuasion” collections at the PPG Pittsburgh Paint workstation and in no time at all had settled on White Clover PPG 407-3.

The most time-consuming portion of the redesign — which, admittedly, put us closer to three hours than 2 — was framing the bathroom mirror.

The mirror itself still had a lot of life left, though there was an unsightly chip in the bottom corner, not to mention the mirror itself was a little bland. We were able to find an old frame that was nearly the perfect size, then used our favorite Paint du Coco chalk paint (available at all Jones Paint & Glass paint locations) in the Cafe Noir color, which gave it a brushed espresso look. We didn’t worry too much about buffing and polishing it since we wanted a rustic look, though we did coat it in Art du Coco’s clear wax to give it a finished look as well as to protect the paint from water splatters.

If we hadn’t been able to find a frame the right size (and if we weren’t in such a time crunch) we would have repurposed some leftover moulding, painted it with Cafe Noir chalk paint, then distressed the finish a bit so some of the original white would shine through. But for 2(ish) hours, a repurposed frame and a quick chalk paint job did the trick!

If you haven’t used chalk paint yet, we gotta say YOU’LL LOVE IT! It’s super easy to use, rarely takes any surface preparation, and gives a professional looking finish with minimal effort. Make sure you get a wax to put over the top of your finished product since chalk paint is porous and the wax will help to protect the surface, not to mention the final product looks SO beautiful and complete with that beautiful wax coating.

Ready to complete a 2-hour challenge for yourself? Here are some of our tips for redesigning a bathroom in 2 (ish) hours:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Sketch out what changes you want to make, pick a color scheme, and get all of your shopping out of the way before you lift a brush.
  2. Tape it off! Even though taping takes time and you may be tempted to skip it, don’t. It took us about 15 minutes to tape this small bathroom, but saved us at least 30 minutes of what would otherwise be careful cutting in, as well as more time touching up edges.
  3. Chalk paint works wonders. We used chalk paint for the mirror frame and are SO glad we went that route. Seriously, this stuff takes no preparation, dries quickly, and looks pro after you buff it with a little wax.
  4. Pick a good-coverage paint. We love PPG Pittsburgh Paints for walls (of course — that’s why all our paint stores carry it) because it’s high-quality, great coverage, all while being affordable. It took us two coats of paint to get this luminous color, but we needed virtually no touch-ups after the second coat was complete.

We are absolutely convinced that this is one of the best bathroom paint colors offered by PPG Pittsburgh Paints (and, in our humble opinions, maybe one of the best bathroom paint colors of all time). It’s a creamy green that both brightens and softens a room with country sophistication. We paired it with some rustic woods, taupes, and just the right amount of greenery. What do you think?