One of the best parts of spring are the flowers. First, the daffodils pop up, then the tulips, and soon your garden is overflowing in color. At Jones Paint & Glass, we know our customers are creative, so we have a hunch that a boring old vase just doesn’t cut it when you bring a few sprigs of your favorite flowers inside, so we wanted to provide you with ideas for more unique flower containers to use as an alternative to vases.

1. Mason Jars. We know that mason jars have been a little overused in the past for shabby-chic weddings, and vintage decor, but we figure that means you probably have a few mason jars lying around. A gorgeous flower arrangement in a mason jar says “I’m sophisticated, but not snobby.”

2. Stumps or logs. This may not be a practical option for everyone, but a carved out log can easily hide a vase for a natural and unique flower container.

3. Baskets. A pretty basket (especially an oddly shaped one) can be a unique flower container to display your spring cuts. Use a plastic bag (or two) to hold water for your clippings, and hang the basket somewhere beautiful.

4. Teacups. While teacups may not be practical to display sprigs of flowers, they can be a fun alternative to a flower pot for a small planting, such as succulents.

5. Old toys. This idea was too fun not to share. Instead of using a boring old planter for your succulents, use an old toy instead. Succulents are fun for this, since they’re hardy and can grow healthily in small spaces.

6. Dishes. You don’t need to get fancy to try out new unique flower containers. An old, bold bowl or dish can be a beautiful way to display your spring flowers.

7. A vase… but not a boring one… If you’re bound and determined to use a vase to display your flowers, consider amping up the design by winding twine around the glass.

8. Glass kitchen canisters. Although this is a unique flower container, we were more impressed by the display of flowers than the container itself. 3 different colors of tulips were bunched together, bound by a tulip leaf, and displayed one bunch next to the other.

9. Pitcher. The more unique, the better. Pitchers are beautiful, curvacious works of art in and of themselves, but adding unique and reaching sprigs of spring makes for a lovely piece of art.

10. Pails. Nothing says “I’ve been working in the garden all day” like a simple flower display in an old pail. It’s such a natural combination that we almost don’t even have to say it! Add a ribbon to the handle of the pail and you can hang it on a wreath hanger to show of on your front door.

11. When life gives you lemons… If you don’t think using a pitcher is unique enough, then slice up a lemon to line the sides of the glass.

12. Cars. We’re not all lucky enough to have an adorable antique bug in our yards, but if we were…

13. Wheelbarrow. We know the up-cycled wheelbarrow is a classic look, but our list of unique flower containers would not be complete without it.

14. Bicycle. Instead of a planter box, roll out your rusty bicycle and fill up the basket with peat moss and potting soil.

15. Teapot. If you own a teapot but aren’t much of a tea drinker, then use it as a unique flower container instead. We love this combinations with pansies and alyssum.

16. Antique tins. Last but not least, cut a few small sprigs to display in an antique tin. Lucky you if you already have some lying around, but if not then search out your local Salvation Army.