We know, we know. Summer has been flung out the window and the winter holidays are steadily on their way, but don’t throw out that outdoor to-do list just yet. Taking just a few hours this weekend to winterize your deck can help add years to your deck life by protecting it from the harsh winter elements.

It’s easy — in just 4 steps you can protect your deck for winter. Save even more on Sikkens winterizing products at your local Jones Paint & Glass!

Title card for article on 4 steps to prepare your wood deck for winter

Step 1:  Sweep your deck. Just sweeping off debris is HUGE for protecting your deck since it decreases fester-grounds for mold and mildew to form. So if you can only complete one step, let it be this one.

Step 2:  Wash your deck. Don’t worry about renting a pressure washer, because a standard garden hose will do the trick. (Pressure washers on the wrong setting can easily damage your deck’s surface). If you have a little extra time, you can also use a non-ferrous brush and a mild detergent to scrub away any existing mold, mildew or rust. There are some detergents out there specifically made for this.

Step 3:  OPTIONAL. If your deck has seen better days, then now is a great time to strip your deck of its existing stain. Check out this awesome how-to article on how to scrape and restain your deck.

Step 4:  Apply a sealant to protect your wood from the elements. We recommend Sikkens Waterborne SRD.

That’s it! Make your deck last through the years by giving it a little extra care this year. Find Sikkens floor coatings, deck stains, and other products or home improvement tips at your local Jones Paint & Glass.

View from backyard wood deck with everything in sight covered in snow