Accent walls. You know, we couldn’t quite put our finger on why some accent walls were so gorgeous and why some were so flat and boring… and now we know. Accent walls aren’t supposed to be a means to only halfway commit to a bright bold color in a room, but that’s what they were being used for. An accent wall is supposed to bring liveliness and intrigue to a room, drawing attention to architectural accents, and giving the room a more robust feeling.

But a solid paint color accent wall doesn’t accomplish any of that.

Which means it’s time to get creative! We put together a collection of some of our FAVORITE non-solid paint accent wall ideas that we would like to share with you to awe, impress, and – most of all – inspire!

Reclaimed wood walls have been in for a while, and will continue to be in as the shift toward earthiness and natural elements continues in home design. This look can be rustic, modern, light, dark, ragged, or sleek depending on the wood you choose for your accent wall.

Oh how we love wallpaper. Did you know Jones Paint & Glass offers wall coverings at all their paint locations? We especially love the glow of metallic wallpaper accent walls

We’re loving tiled herringbone accent walls in bathrooms, especially when the tile extends from the floor.

Ever considered mirrored subway tiles for an accent wall? It’s especially intriguing in a small space! And Jones Paint & Glass can custom cut the tiles for you!

Have you seen the textured wall covering trend yet? While a full room of textured walls would be overwhelming, this design on a single accent wall is stunning!

Well-used wall decals can be fun for an accent wall in the home.

Hanging fabric on your walls instead of wallpaper opens up a whole new flavor of accent wall designs.

More interested in a subtle accent wall? Have a monochromatic accent wall using glossy paint over matte for a subtle design.

Oh, how we love horizontal stripes, especially in a creamy blue and white striped pattern.

Chic, sophisticated, and savvy — black and white horizontal stripes add intrigue to an otherwise odd architectural detail in this study.