11 Things to Love!

We love plantation shutters! The wide louvers are classy, sophisticated, and let in the light while still providing the coziness of traditional shutters.

Here are 11 reasons to love plantation shutters

Light1. Light:  Unlike traditional shutters and many window coverings, plantation shutters allow much more light to enter a room. Homes are trending more and more toward letting in as much light as possible, which makes plantation shutters a great choice.

Plantation Shutters Beautiful2. Beauty:  We’ve mentioned it once, and we’ll mention it again! These classy plantation shutters add a sophisticated finish to the home that translates into comfort, quality, and – of course – beauty.

Window Safety3. Safety:  You’ve probably heard the hype about the dangers of blind cords and strings. Luckily, plantation shutters are cord-free which means no dangling and tangling strings to endanger kids and pets.


Bathroom Window Treatments 4. Great for Bathrooms:  Plantation Shutters can be beautiful in bathrooms. They can also provide functionality when you utilize divider rails or double-hung shutters. This makes it so you can close the bottom louvers for privacy while still allowing the upper louvers to be open and letting in the light.

Plantation Shutters Easy Clean5. Easy to Clean:  Typical blinds are thin, flimsy, and have strings or cords that coil and make it difficult to keep the blinds clean. However, plantation shutters’ rigidity and simplicity make dusting and cleaning easy!

Plantation Shutters Shapes6. Shapes:  Plantation shutters can be custom-built to fit any window, regardless of shape or size.

Plantation Shutters with Curtains7. Curtains:  If you like the function of plantation shutters but want to soften the lines, then install some curtains! A simple window treatment pairs beautifully and easily with the shutters.

Easy Clean8. No lopsided blinds:  need we say more?

Plantation Shutters Energy Efficient9. Energy-Efficient:  Since plantation shutters are thick and hardy, when closed they help minimize heat transfer. They can keep heat inside the house during the winter and can keep warmth out during the summer.

Plantation Shutters Value10. Value:  Plantation shutters are a hot commodity and are sought after in the home market. Many home appraisers say that these shutters will add value to your home, and though the value may not be dollar-for-dollar, they can also help create a positive first impression with potential buyers to help your home sell faster.

What do you think? What is your favorite thing about plantation shutters?

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