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Color psychology is no new concept. From soothing greens in hospital rooms to impulse-driving reds and yellows in fast-food restaurants, the knowledge of how color affects your mood is nearly everywhere. But how can you use paint colors to help you achieve your goals?

Most goal and success gurus will tell you that one of the steps to achieving a goal is to “clean house.” That is, to set your environment in a way that maximizes the chance for success. This typically means clearing out temptations (like unhealthy snack food or candy), buying supplies if needed (such as a calendar or planner), and enhancing the environment (like making your home office one you actually want to spend time in).

The  philosophy of space playing a role in goal achievement isn’t particularly new, especially in commercial design. However, it is often overlooked in the designs of our own homes.

Here are 4 steps for choosing paint colors to help you achieve your goals in 2017.

1 – Consider the psychology of paint colors

There are traditional and cultural meanings behind colors. Using color psychology to help identify the colors best in line with your goals can be a good starting point for selecting paint colors to help you achieve your goals.

  • Green and blue – relaxation
  • Yellow – tolerance, patience & positive outlook
  • Orange – creativity, enhances studying
  • Red – impulsiveness, power, persuasiveness, determination
  • Green – hope and freshness
  • Purple – money and power
  • Peach – social, luck and love
  • Gray – balance
  • Darker blue – authority and success
  • Red or pink – affection and romance

2 – How do different colors make you feel?

Despite the psychology of paint color, we all have personal preferences. Your history and memories associated with particular colors will affect how they affect you in any given setting. Even though yellow can help encourage positivity, if the color irritates you it won’t have the desired effect.

Consider different colors and how they make you feel. Which colors feel most in line with achieving your goals?

3 – Visualize yourself achieving your goals

Take a moment to imagine yourself achieving or having achieved your goals. What does the environment look like? If you see yourself cooking a healthy, nutritious meal in your kitchen, what does the kitchen look like? If you see yourself writing a novel or designing a successful business plan, what does your office look like? If you see yourself in a loving, affectionate relationship with your partner, what are your surroundings?

One of the most powerful drivers of goal achievement is specificity and belief. If you know exactly what you want to achieve and what it looks like to get there, you’re more likely to achieve your goals. Jump-start the path of goal achievement by aligning your environment with where you want to be.

4 – Bring home the paint samples

After you’ve decided the color family that’s best suited to your goals, visit your local paint store and collect paint samples and paint chips. Bring the paint chips into the room you’re repainting, take some time to look through the chips, and let yourself feels most in line with your goal achievement. Does the Royal Indigo make you feel successful and confident? Does High Dive blue stimulate your creativity and calm focus? Does Almond Paste beige make you feel healthy and energized?

After you narrow the paint chips down to a few colors, grab a few paint samples and try them on one of your walls, then take stock of your emotional response.

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