Outdoor furniture including plastic wicker sofa and custom class tabletopWhen my husband and I purchased our new home, we were particularly excited to be able to hare a couple mugs of hot cocoa or lemonade on the patio at the end of the long day.

We’d gotten a comfy “cuddle patio set” for a wedding present which we augmented with an outdoor upright heater and a couple of decorative trees for good measure, and we were ready to go!

Wicker armchairs and glass tabletop ottoman outside on backyard patioBut here’s the thing. The seats were comfy and “cuddly” and all, but we quickly realized our new patio set was lacking one very important thing:  somewhere to place said cocoa or lemonade between sips. We tried setting them on the cushion of the ottoman, and of course, they wobbled right off. Remove the cushion, perhaps? The plastic “wicker” was no more sturdy. We wanted the furniture to match, so a new table didn’t feel like the right decision, plus we didn’t want the gifted furniture to go to waste. “We’ll just deal with it,” we agreed…and then never used the patio again. It just didn’t feel practical or relaxing the way we’d imagined.

We ignored the issue until one day we decided to host a large dinner party where we needed every extra bit of seating available, and that included (of course) seating with a place to set the warm dessert beverages we planned on serving. Hence we were forced to solve the problem.

Enter “Project Ottoman.” We would custom cut a pane of glass to put in place of the cushion of the ottoman and convert the ottoman into a coffee table. Genius!

Technician cutting glass for a custom glass home improvement projectWe’d used Jones Paint & Glass before for a few projects including replacing our windows with energy efficient windows, as well as installing a custom wall of mirrors in our tv/workout room, and they were GREAT to work with. So when we decided to convert our existing ottoman into a coffee table, we knew that Jones Paint & Glass would be up to the challenge.

At the American Fork Jones Paint & Glass, we were immediately directed to the glass expert, a high-in-demand gentleman who was able to quickly attend to us, giving us answers and recommendations for every question we came up with. We shortly settled on a 1/4″ round-cornered glass with a rounded pencil edge (we have a toddler and didn’t want unfinished edges).

In true last-minute project fashion, we’d waited until the day before the party to tackle this particular project, but Jones Paint & Glass assured us that the custom glass tabletop would be done within the hour. We couldn’t have asked for more!

We ran a quick errand and came back and, sure enough, the custom glass tabletop was finished — and the gentleman even helped carry it out to our car.

In short (or in long, I suppose), we couldn’t be happier with our continued experiences with Jones Paint & Glass.

Oh, and the table? PERFECT. Our dinner party guests couldn’t even tell that the table used to be an ottoman.

Patio furniture including large, teal couch with two wicker ottomans topped with custom glass