If expanding your at-home business or fostering organization and productivity in your home is part of your 2023 resolutions, a small home office makeover can help jumpstart your progress.It’s important to make sure your workspace is one in which you are motivated to work. A well-designed workspace that is compatible with your personality and your goals can help produce a mindset for achievement. Design a room filled with colors and elements that inspire you. You spend each day working on your goals, and your home office is the space that empowers you to do so.

Make sure you home office is one in which you find inspiration and motivation. When you’re feeling tired or are having trouble wanting to sit down to work, your home office can bring a positive working mindset to help keep you moving toward your goals.

How do you pick out which colors and designs will bring an inspirational space to your home office?

JPG Home Office Design Inspiration Color WorksheetThis worksheet is designed to walk you through your goal and motivation to determine which colors best coincide with your goals and personality for a motivational home office design.


Download the home office color inspiration worksheet by clicking here.

You can also find color inspiration at Benjamin Moore on their Home Office Inspiration blog.. All of the paint colors at Benjamin Moore are available at Jones Paint & Glass. You can also bring any picture, swatch, fabric, printed Pinterest image, etc. to Jones Paint & Glass and our paint experts will color-match them for you!

How Paint Colors Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2023

You were probably introduced to color psychology sometime in middle school or high school art class, but the concept extends far beyond the classroom.The colors within your home (or home office) influence the mood of the space. Keep in mind these general rules:

  • Pale Colors. Pale colors are light and airy, which can help a room feel uplifting. This is especially true in yellow, green, and blue hues.
  • Neutrals. Earthy neutral tones such as cream, taupe, and gray are grounding. Choose these colors if you want to stay calm and focused.
  • Whites. Classic and pristine, whites are a “clean slate.” They invite you to express yourself on a blank canvas. Choose this if you want the influence of your office to be, well, yourself!
  • Deep and bold. Rich, bold colors bring more emotion than the rest of the colors on this list. Choose deep and bold paint colors if you want drama, mystery, or power to imbue your home office.

Favorite 2023 Office Paint Color Ideas

Here are some of our favorite home office paint colors to help you achieve your business goals in 2018



Paint Color Home Office Idea 1

Warmstone – PPG1015-3 for Bloggers/Customer-Facing Professionals

Warmstone is a light peach, which often invokes social connection, friendship, and luck. For bloggers or writers, this can help you connect better with your audience. For customer-facing individuals, it can help inspire more personable interactions in-person, over-the-phone, or in writing.

Home Office Paint Color Idea 2

Spring Thaw – PPG1013-2 for Numbers or Data-Driven Professionals

Grays bring balance and stability, helping make decisions based on information as opposed to emotions. This cool and collected color is great for data-driven individuals such as accountants or bookkeepers, research assistants, or analysts.

Home Office Paint Color Idea 3

Light Sage – PPG1124-4 for Non-Profit or Socially-Conscious Professionals

Encouraging feelings of hope and freshness, green can be the perfect color for those who like to keep a positive outlook in their work. Social-based organizations such as charities or non-profits have a unique set of challenge. Green canhelp bring a feeling of healing, hope, and encouragement.

Home Office Paint Color Idea 4

Black Flame – PPG1043-7 for Executives and Leaders

Black Flame, which is also the PPG Voice of Color’s color of the year is a blend of black and navy. This color promotes feelings of authority, success, and strength. It can foster deep concentration and a silent workspace while also providing tones of diligence and quiet confidence.