Pantone has announced their spring colors, and they are filled with some fun, vibrant, and beautiful selections! May’s color trends include a minty green called Hemlock.

This pretty color is cool and relaxing, pairing well with greys, golds, burgundies, and creams.

There are several Devoe paint colors inspired by this lovely springy green paint color trend, such as Aqualine, a cooler tone with more bluish undertones, and Window Garden, a brighter and perkier version of Hemlock.

We especially love this color trend because mint green used to be an outdated color most commonly found in hospitals because it was thought to have healing properties, but now that Pantone is bringing this lovely hue into the spotlight, Hemlock green has recuperated into a stunning, high-fashion, modern design trend.

Now, this minty green paint color is making appearances on runways, in high end design stores, in paint color trends, and in clothing and accessory lines in the U.S. and U.K.

This pretty, cool mint bedrooms uses earthy accents like distressed wood end tables and nature-inspired fabrics.

Aquarian green paired with burgundy make for an elegant and pretty room for teenagers.

Could this mint green room pair any better with gold accents? A perfect combination of color trends, hemlock green with gold accents and white furniture show that you have design prowess.

A mint green bathroom is the perfect use of beautiful, calming color trends. Staying away from oak and brass and instead pairing this color with white furniture and dark woods ensures a timeless twist on this otherwise time-old color.

If your child is lucky enough to have  a playroom all their own, then that means you have an excellent opportunity to play around with colors and patterns.