Colors are making a comeback. Gone are gloomy greys and tepid tans; instead, we’re seeing bright, vibrant colors that make cheery exclamations and stand out insistently as a place to be noticed. Every tone is placed in juxtaposition with a complementary color: off-blacks are often paired with white, coral can be coupled with a bright, poppy blue, orange is being used to offset muted greys and off-white.

Soft Hues

Contrasts and clean lines frame this year’s front door paint trends. If you prefer softer and calmer colors, just focus on subtle complementary colors, like eggshell white and a delicate lavender. It’s understated, but far from bland. 

Light Blue Paint Front Door Trend 2021

Get the look: “Twinkle Blue” (PPG1165-2) framed by “Shooting Star” (PPG1154-1)

If you prefer an earthier aesthetic, the trendy tones are still more colorful than the tans and greens of the early 2010s. Instead, look for light aquamarine, hushed coral, and unobtrusive yellows. These colors are delicate but eye catching representations of earth’s natural tones. For example, PPG Paints’ 2020 color collection called “At the Core” celebrates earth and sustainability by using floral inspiration as a guide: we’re looking at earth’s brightest offerings to influence our style. 

Coral door paint trend 2021AC

Get the look: “Coral blush” (PPG1191-4)

Vivid Hues

For a boldly modern look, the use of strong colors is a must. Jewel tones set against deep browns blend classic sensibilities with modern trends. Bold but not brassy, the intent is to showcase color and style. 

Jewel tone front door trend 2021

Get the look: Door – “Magical Merlin” (PPG1241-5) Frame – “Starless Sky” (PPG0995-7)

To stir things up in a spirited and celebratory fashion, we see insistent purples or pink blends contrasted with solid iterations of white to gray. Consider making a splash with a vibrant cool color like teal framed by off-whites and stated grays. Other energetic shades, like chartreuse, which was named Etsy’s pick for the color of 2020, are making a comeback, along with other ‘80’s inspired neon shades. They noted that there was a 55% increase in searches for neon-green items since May. HGTV concurs, listing lime or turquoise as their first pick on their list of “Best Front Door Colors”. Along that vein, trend hunters are claiming that color blocked accessories composed of those vivid colors are on the rise, too.

Bright Green Door paint trend 2021

Get the look: Exterior wall – “Train” (PPG0993-2), Door frame – “Delicate White” (PPG1001-1), Door – “Funky Frog” (PPG1221-7)

Dramatic Hues

Not in the mood for neon, but still crave color? You can opt for dark, moody paints that still decidedly color-wash your front porch: navy, slate blue, and deep red are among the trendiest options. Red has established itself as a consistent trend, so for lasting appeal, reds may be a strong choice: maroon and burgundy are strong options. For a bolder aesthetic, dive deep with a profound plum, delicious raisin, or delicate eggplant. Dark colors with a low light intensity perfectly couple with lighter tones. These complements satisfy the need for differentiation that fits with this year’s fashion, so if you choose these dramatic tones, be sure to frame them with contrasting light-tones. 

Purple front door

Get the look: “Imperial Purple” (PPG1175-7)

Whatever your palette preference, the trend this year is to be noticeable. Don’t hide behind your front door; instead, beckon others in with energetic and lively tones. Smooth colors and clean lines are the order of the day.