Dream paint colors aren’t always found in paint swatches. Sometimes they’re inspired from fabric swatches, wallpapers, backsplashes, or magazines. Sometimes the perfect paint color is a color you already have—but can’t remember the name of.

Jones Paint & Glass offers color matching for existing paint or for any other inspiration you can bring to our store.

If you need paint matched, scrape paint from an inconspicuous spot in your home or if you’re lucky enough to have a little touch-up paint lying around, bring it in! Jones Paint & Glass will match the paint to your existing paint color.

If you want to match a paint color to a color from fabric, wallpaper, a backsplash, tile, rug, accent pillows, or anything else that might inspire you, just bring a sample into Jones Paint & Glass and we’ll use our digital color matching tool to help match the color for you.

If you want to match a paint color to a color from a magazine or something you’ve seen online, bring in a picture or print-out (and the URL of the photo) and we’ll help you match the color to a true paint color.

If a customer comes in and they need a specific color match, we will bring it in, and we have an electronic eye that senses the different pigments that are in that particular color. We can take that and apply it to our machine, and the special machine will apply different percentages of the pigments necessary to get the correct color match. We’ll always take that paint, and dry it down, and compare it to the sample. And if we need to, we can adjust it with our own eyes to get the right color in the right lighting, the right sheen, and everything.

If a customer has a particular color that they love that’s not already in paint, whether it’s on a pillowcase or wallpaper or from a magazine, something they’ve seen online, they can bring it in and we can match it from that as well.