New ways of decorating with a repurposed ladder are appearing more and more in interior design. At first decorative ladders mostly appeared in rustic designs, but now they are making their way into shabby-chic, contemporary, and eclectic decor.

If you don’t have an old ladder laying around, then it’s totally worth scouring online classifieds or yard sales for a good find! Check out some of these fun repurposed ladder decor ideas:

1. SHOE DISPLAY.  If you have beautiful shoes in your closet that are more often collecting dust than being worn out, then maybe it’s time to embrace their beauty by putting them on display! Wide-board ladders are great for setting shoes on and embellishing with your favorite scarves or handbags. Thin-board ladders can give your bedroom or closet a boutique-like display by hanging high heels on the rungs.

2.  LEVEL-UP YOUR FLOWER POT DISPLAY. A variety of beautiful garden pots with a selection of multicolored bushes can be beautiful when layered on an old ladder or step stool.

3.  GIVE YOUR PETS SOME LOVE.  A few extra planks, a crate, and some comfy blankets and padding can turn an old ladder into a cozy cat tree for your furry friend.

4.  DIY LADDER CHANDELIER. A repurposed ladder chandelier hung with different sizes of lanterns can be a romantic addition to a kitchen or patio. Feeling creative? Adorn the lanterns with beach-themed embellishments to bring an extra element of chic.

5.  DISPLAY PHOTOS. Anyone can hang photos on the wall, but how much more fun would it be to give your pictures an extra creative frame by hanging them from ladder rungs? Give the ladder extra design flair by adding plant sprigs, lace ribbon, glitter and modge podge, or charms.

6.  BEDSIDE SHELF. Repurpose a ladder into a chic bedside table. Consider looping necklaces around rungs, adding rope lights, tying plants or charms to the edges, and extending a rung to hold a book or cellphone.

7.  RING IN THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Instead of putting out your ladder all year round, you could also just bring it in for the holidays for a cute advent calendar with small cloth bags filled with holiday goodies. Add some garland and holiday lights, then adorn with ornaments or holiday cards, and you have a repurposed ladder Christmas tree!

Do you have any creative repurposed ladder decor ideas to add? Let us know in the comments!