Decorating your bedroom on a budget may seem like a tall order, but it’s actually quite accessible. We asked six of our designers for their tips for decorating your bedroom on a budget, and came up with a list of six great ideas to share with you.

First, let’s look at the positive science of redecorating your bedroom:  According to study at the University of Missouri-Columbia, a change in circumstance can provide an increased sense of well-being. This can mean a change of jobs, developing a new hobby, or a change of scenery. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom (granted, a lot of that time is asleep), but your bedroom is also the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. Invoking a “change of circumstance,” in your bedroom means starting your day with a change that can, scientifically, make you happier!

Decorating your bedroom on a budget – From the pros!

1. Repaint your walls.

We’re a painting company, so you can’t fault us for believing that repainting your bedroom is the single best way to decorate your room on a budget. A couple gallons of paint and some supplies will cost you less than a new comforter, and will make the biggest difference in your room. -Alise Sankey

2.  Bed scarves and pillows are cheaper than new comforters.

If you’re like me, then you redecorate your bedroom once every few years. A new comforter each time can get pretty expensive pretty quickly… If you choose a neutral or solid comforter (white is best, as long as you don’t have pets or young children), then you can change up your pillows and a bed scarf (that strip of fabric at the end of the bed) or a throw (a folded up blanket at the foot of the bed) to change up your bed’s look for a quarter of the cost. -Christina Oyer

3.  Refinish your dresser.

New furniture is expensive, so if you’re decorating your bedroom on a budget then new furniture isn’t always feasible. There are some really cool blogs out there about refinishing your dresser, and there are tons of different (affordable) options to do so. You can repaint, of course, sand and stain, or even wallpaper the front of the dresser drawers like we did in the photo above. Besides repainting your room, refinishing your furniture is the second best (but more time-consuming) way to decorate your bedroom on a budget. -Alan Clark

4.  Declutter.

If you need to change up the look of your bedroom with NO cash, then the single best thing you can do is minimalize. You’ll be surprised at what a huge difference it will make. Many people start accumulating things on their dressers and bookshelves over time (especially family photos), and it starts to look gummy and cluttered. Take those photos down and use them for a gallery wall, and pick a few statement pieces of decor to put on your dresser. Remember, odd numbers of decor (1 or 3 are best if you have bigger pieces) look best. Oh, and bookshelves aren’t just for books. Add some vases, statuettes, and pretty frames in there and you have art mixed with function. -Joseph Rinaldi

5.  Design an accent wall.

Whether you’re repainting your whole room or sticking with the color you already have, an accent wall is a great tool to give your bedroom more character on a budget. An accent wall helps your room seem bigger since it draws attention to one wall which tends to lengthen the room. You can use a solid color, design, stencils, vinyl, or anything else that strikes your fancy. It’ll hip up your room in no time. Here’s a cool link to 10 ideas for an accent wall. -Mikelle Despain

6. Design  your own headboard.

Headboards are another piece of decor that can be pretty expensive, but if you’re decorating your bedroom on a budget, then embrace the challenge of designing your own! There are tons of DIY headboards on Pinterest, like this one that was made from 30 Ikea mirrors hung with 3M removable velcro strips. -Jennifer Page

Do you have any inexpensive bedroom decorating ideas of your own? Share them below!