You’ve invested in some gorgeous plantation shutters, marveled at your upgraded curb appeal, and relished in the sophisticated beauty. But now you’re staring at those louvers wondering how to keep them looking new.

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Here are four tips for how to clean plantation shutters quickly and efficiently.

  1. Take a vacuum to it weekly and it’ll make maintenance of the shutters much easier. The vacuum will pick up most debris and dust, making grime less likely to build up and cake on.
  2. Extend time between deep cleans by dusting every two weeks. Take a few minutes every few weeks to thoroughly dust your shutters (both sides of the louvers). Use a feather duster, lint-free cloth, microfiber cloth, or swiffer duster.
  3. Spot clean with a damp cloth. Sometimes a duster doesn’t have enough cleaning power to get through the grime. When this happens, you should spot clean with a small brush dampened with a bit of water. Distilled water is best as it won’t leave spots, especially if you have hard water). If your plantation shutters are wooden (as opposed to synthetic), wipe water off immediately with a soft absorbent cloth to prevent warping. No spots to clean? You may still want to run a damp cloth over the louvers and crevices once a month or to prevent buildup.
  4. Have a tougher mess? Use (a small bit of) detergent. You should avoid harsh or abrasive chemical on your plantation shutters, but sometimes mere water won’t cut through the mess. For instance, if your plantation shutters are in the kitchen, then chances are they’ve accumulated grease or food splatters. In this instance, mix a gentle solution of 1 gallon of hot water with dish soap. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the water and wring it out thoroughly so it’s just dampened, then scrub gently to remove the grime. Follow up with a soft cloth dampened with plain water (we recommend distilled) to remove soap and other residue. Dry immediately with an absorbent soft cloth to prevent spotting or warping.

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