In 2021, more people are expected to work from home than ever. This means we’re stocking up on office supplies for a home office that inspires (and looks great in Zoom meetings).

One of the least expensive and most impactful ways to transform your home offie is through a fresh coat of paint. With the right color psychology, not only will a new paint color breathe new life and style into your room, but it can also help motivate you and set the tone during the workday.


2021 Home Office Paint Color Trends

Below are some of the top paint trends for 2021 for home office paint colors that inspire and motivate.


Pale Green for Relaxation and Health

Pale greens have been used in hospital settings for years to help promote healing and relaxation. While you may not want to go hospital green, a pale green with blue undertones can promote peace, helping you jive with your work and ease stress.

Pale green home office

Get the look: Honesty PPG1034-2 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints from Jones Paint & Glass

Slate Gray

Dark colors such as grays and charcoals can signify strength while helping emote confidence, balance, and empowerment. And man, do they look gorgeous on camera. Pair a slate gray with natural woods, blacks, or metallics (such as copper and gold) for an elegant, powerful look.


Slate Gray Home Office

Get the look: Steel Curtain PPG0994-5 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints from Jones Paint & Glass

Warm White

For creatives, white walls can be the perfect blank slate to inspire. Not to mention, this neutral dreamboat makes it easy to switch out design details for a fresh look when you need a change. We love this pale warm white because it pairs well with natural elements such as raw woods and greenery.

Creamy white home office

Get the look: Gypsum PPG1006-1 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints from Jones Paint & Glass

Favorite Blues

There’s a reason blue is the most popular paint color for offices. It is the most well-liked color by professionals, and denotes peace and order. This home office paint color is sure to please your mind–and your colleagues on video conference calls.

Blue home office

Get the look: Prussian Blue PPG1154-6 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints from Jones Paint & Glass

Subtle Pink

Pink has long been known for its femininity. It is also an effective mood regulator. While brighter pinks can be stimulating or heighten emotions, a subtle, pale pink can bring peace and tranquility. Choose this paint color to bring tenderness, kindness, and empathy to your home office.

Light pink home office inspiration

Get the look: Rockabye Baby PPG1188-1 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints from Jones Paint & Glass