There’s no better to freshen up your home’s aesthetic than with a new coat of paint. Memories are made in the home and the walls of your home are a canvas that sets the tone for your family and guests. This year’s paint trends are reminiscent of soft and warm summer days, pairing warm, comforting beiges and oranges with gentle, muted blues. 

PPG’s 2021 Paint Trend Color Palette of the Year

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This year, PPG Pittsburgh Paints has created a beautiful color palette called “Serenity In Any Space” as their highlighted paint color trend palette for 2021. This paint palette offers a place for busy, hard-workers to take a load off their feet and reflect. Grounding and nostalgic, it’s the perfect way to refresh your home and personal space.


Transcend Creamy Beige Paint Color Trend 2021


This paint color lies somewhere between pearly white and thick, dark molasses. It’s a shady sugary beige that has a vaguely reminiscent gingerbread undertone. This shade belongs in any room that calls for warmth with a touch of elegance. 

Accent it with any dark, warm blacks to add drama and an additional touch of elegance, especially paired with cabinets or brick. A good match: “Black Magic.

Keep the trim warm and white by using pale, muted colors with honey undertones, like “Purity.”  Or, for either the ceiling or trim, stay with a clean winter white like “Delicate White.” It can pair with almost any color and is perfect for the main wall, trim, or accent of any room.

Misty Aqua

Related to a bold family of teals, “Misty Aqua” is the soft-spoken cousin. Being a muted tropical blue with aquamarine undertones, it can pair well with creams and accent in soft neutrals like “Sourdough”, which is soft and shaded with a slight red undertone, or “Magic Dust”, a saturated gray with a distinctly plum undertone. Misty Aqua is the perfect shade for a bedroom, offering a warm, tropical respite.

Suggested tones for the trim or ceiling are “Horseradish”, which is a pale off-white color with a green undertone, or “Delicate White”. 

Misty aqua PPG Pittsburgh Paints color trend 2021
Cypress paint color trend PPG Pittsburgh Paints 2021

Big Cypress

Warm, vivid, ginger orange with a persimmon undertone, this is the boldest of this year’s palate. This color practically envelops you in a warm embrace and pairs well with cherry or mahogany wood and splashes of gold. 

Happy Trails” is a shaded cappuccino beige with nutty undertones that is a perfect accent color for all interior walls, and matches perfectly with “Big Cypress”. You can also try “Ostrich Feather”, a midtone golden greige with an almond undertone. It pairs well with white cabinetry.

Lotus Petal” is pale and peachy with light brown undertones. Its neutral shade makes it a perfect paint color for main walls, but it also pairs perfectly with “Big Cypress” as a trim or ceiling color.  “Delicate White” is yet again another suggested pair.