Color specialists and designers look at a lot of different pieces of the world to predict and pick the color forecast for the upcoming year. They analyze runway, textiles, tile and wood trends, and the metal industry. They also take a look at our political and social trends, and the general “mood” of the world.

In 2018, we’re seeing outspoken and bold colors, while also seeing a lot of colors that invoke feelings of peacefulness and security.

Interior Paint Trends 2018: Black

In the interior scene, black has taken the spotlight and is showing up as the color of a year for several paint brands, including one of our favorite paints, PPG Pittsburgh Paints.

Black is a confident and bold color, and also has a little bit of a “rebellious” vibe. At the same time, it denotes security and silence, which are a welcome addition to our homes when so much of our lives are overtaken by technology and social discordance.

Blacks can be softened with neutral accents such as creams, as well as with natural elements, such as raw or natural-looking woods, greenery, bamboo, and stone.

Interior Paint Trends 2018

Photo by Mykals Photography

Black can also bring a more modern and bold tone when paired with metallics, yellows, and greens.

Black Paint Color Trend 2018

Photo by Mykals Photography

Interior Paint Trends 2018: Blue-Green

Blue-greens continue to trend in interior paint colors. These colors bring a feeling of serenity, peace, and harmony. With a little bolder or darker blue-greens, the colors also embrace the feeling of hope and wanderlust.

Blue-Green Paint Color Trend 2018

Photo by Mykals Photography

The light blue-green paint color paired with white is gorgeous, clean, and soothing. It is especially popular in bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry rooms.

The darker and bolder blue-greens are often used as statement walls in living rooms or bedrooms, bringing an exotic, deep ocean, or bohemian feel.

2018 Interior Paint Color Trends Blue-Green

Photo by Mykals Photography

Photo by Mykals Photography

Interior Paint Trends 2018: Seafoam Green

Seafoam green also has a presence in 2018 interior paint trends, with a similar, calming and soothing effect. This color pairs well with natural elements, whites, and creams.

Seafood Green Paint 2018

Photo by Mykals Photography

Interior Paint Trends 2018: Nude & Greige

We’re also seeing a migration of our go-to neutrals. While we used to see a lot of beige, and have seen grays even more recently, we’re now seeing more pale blush and nude colors. These differ from the traditional taupe colors because they’re a little lighter, a little less yellow and less brown, and bring in more pink and orange tones.

Greige continues to be a popular neutral, combining beige and gray for a softer look to the modern and popular gray. It warms up the room a bit, while keeping the more modern and crisper appeal of gray.

Greige Paint Trend 2018

Photo by Mykals Photography

Interior Paint Trends 2018: White

White interior paint color is making a comeback in interior painting trends, especially in homes prepping for sale or show. Home stagers seem to be especially fond of white recently, for its clean-ness and accessibility. The key to a good white, however, is to never go pure white (which gives a feeling of starkness or sterility). Whites with a yellow, blue, or blush undertone bring the crispness, modernity, and cleanliness that white has to offer, while keeping the home from looking too barren.

White Interior Paint Color 2018

Photo by Mykals Photography

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