Business Doors

Business Doors in Provo, UT

The commercial doors you install will play a big role in your business’s curb appeal. Consider how well sleek, aluminium storefront doors make a retail store or office building look modern and professional. Wouldn’t you be more willing to do business with them than with a business with outdated, rusted, and squeaky entry doors?

Interior doors will matter too. Healthcare facilities, schools, hotels, apartment complexes, and other commercial properties depend on these numerous interior doors to make a good impression and meet clients’ needs.

Beyond visual appearance, though, commercial doors also need to be functional and long-lasting. Glass doors, especially, should be constructed with durable materials that can withstand even the toughest weather this part of Utah has to send their way. Doors that can survive large quantities of traffic and add to the structural integrity of the building. Doors like the ones found at Jones Paint & Glass.

We proudly carry a wide selection of durable and attractive commercial doors at our Provo showroom, sold at various price ranges for every budget. Shop glass storefront doors for sale, affordable wood and vinyl interior doors, and more. Whatever your business needs, come find it at Jones Paint & Glass in Provo, UT.

Need some ideas to begin your search? Schedule an on-site estimate with one of our commercial door specialists to talk over options and take measurements. We’ll provide you with a free quote on business doors that serve your needs that includes installation costs. Get in touch with us today!