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9 Paint Colors to Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2017
December 28, 2016 / BY Mikelle Despain / 2 comments.

Color psychology is no new concept. From soothing greens in hospital rooms to impulse-driving reds and yellows in fast-food restaurants, the knowledge of how color affects your mood is nearly everywhere. But how can you use paint colors to help

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After 60 Years in the Industry, James Allred Retires
October 27, 2016 / BY Mikelle Despain / no comment.

This October, Jones Paint & Glass said goodbye to one of their longtime experts, James Allred. After a 60-year career in the paint and glass industry, James is switching out his role at Jones Paint & Glass in Vernal to

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10 Tips for remodeling your bathroom
August 30, 2016 / BY Mikelle Despain / 23 comments.

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the home improvement items that makes almost every homeowner's to-do list, and is one of the relatively less expensive renovation projects to complete. Bathrooms are daily-use rooms, so updating the design, functionality, and look

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Where do design trends come from
August 4, 2016 / BY Mikelle Despain / no comment.

Where do design trends come from? Every year, interior-design enthusiasts everywhere are eager to see what the next year brings. There is a lot of research and psychology that go into design trends. "On a very, very basic level," says

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