Garage Doors

Garage Door Services in Provo, UT

Newly installed custom garage door in Provo, UT home
Provo, UT home with large windows and new garage door
Wood garage doors, recently installed for luxury Provo, UT home
Affordable garage door is newly installed on Utah home
Wood garage door with custom designed panels
Installing a new garage door is one way to instantly add curb appeal to your home. Jones Paint & Glass is here to help you do just that! We offer services for garage door repairs and replacements, including custom garage door installations.
Contact us for information on all the garage door designs and materials we have available. From classic wood doors to carriage house steel doors and beyond, we have a large assortment of styles for sale. You can also choose the type of garage door opener you prefer, or we can reinstall your current opener with your new garage door.
With Jones Paint & Glass, repairing or installing a garage door has never been easier. Call us today to receive a free estimate. Ask about our suppliers’ garage door visualization tools to see how different doors will look with your home. We look forward to helping you repair or install the perfect garage door!

Home Windows & Doors

We know getting replacement windows is not the first item on the list of things you’d love to do this weekend, so that’s why Jones Paint & Glass makes the whole process as easy and as stress-free as possible. Contrary to popular belief, replacing windows doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. When you visit the glass and window experts at Jones Paint & Glass you’ll get to work with knowledgeable technicians who know how to provide you with beautiful, energy-efficient replacement windows for your home at a cost you can afford.


Luxury home with all new replacement windows, doors, and garage doors
Long business building corridor with tall glass commercial windows and commercial doors

Business Windows & Doors

When it comes to impressing your customers and clients, the first thing they will notice is your company’s windows and doors. In a time when aesthetics are becoming increasingly important to large and small businesses alike, your company needs to choose the right windows and doors or it could result in a bad first impression that you never get the chance to make right. In addition to improving the outside view of your business, new windows and doors will also conserve energy, add durable construction, and be resilient in severe storms. Whether your needs are purely aesthetic or you just want to improve functionality, you can trust Jones Paint & Glass.