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Vinyl Windows in Cedar City, UT

Wooden windows from Andersen windows manufacturer let in natural light in home's sitting area
The best wood windows from Andersen windows supplier encircle small alcove and siting area in home
Large Andersen windows line home in mountainous location
Andersen windows and doors installed on home overlooking brick patio
House windows from Andersen Windows
Exterior showing replacement windows looking out on home patio
Kitchen with set of three replacement windows above the kitchen counter
Sitting room with nice replacement windows letting in light
Large windows and sliding glass doors show view of backyard from the open kitchen and living room
Series of replacement windows on home
Looking up at house windows on three-story home
Come find a wide selection of vinyl windows in Cedar City at Jones Paint & Glass. View our inventory of vinyl replacement windows or schedule an appointment for our vinyl window repair services today!
Jones Paint & Glass vinyl windows will update your home in a beautiful, dramatic way, bringing you an unparalleled quality of light. For more information about our vinyl windows and to view our full line of products, click on our FREE window catalog to the right for an immediate download of our vinyl window options.
Jones Paint & Glass Vinyl Window Catalog

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Talk with our vinyl window experts to discuss your options. We can guarantee that Jones Paint & Glass has all the options you need to completely customize your home’s new vinyl replacement windows. Check out our vinyl window comparison chart below to see which Jones Paint & Glass vinyl window series has the best options for your home improvement project. Whatever style, shape, or size of vinyl windows you are looking for, you’ll find it at Jones Paint & Glass in Cedar City.

We’re Here For YOU From Start to Finish

Not sure where to start? Jones Paint & Glass offers FREE, no-obligation on-site estimates. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our vinyl window experts. During this consultation, we come to your home, take necessary measurements, help decide which windows will be best for your needs, and provide estimated pricing.
Call today for FREE on-site estimates. Or contact us for affordable vinyl window repair from the experts who care. Financing available.

Low-E Options with Argon

Our Low-E vinyl windows with Argon gas come in two options: Climate control optimized for either westward or eastward facing windows. Low-E works like microscopic shutters, minimizing summer heat gains, reducing winter heat loss, and reducing the UV damage to household items. Argon gas is harmless and fills the sealed space between the window panes. It further enhances the window’s climate control efficiency by slowing heat transfer through the air between the panes of glass.

Energy Star® Approved

Energy Star Vinyl WindowsOur 3000 Series, 4000 Series, and 5000 Series windows are Energy Star® approved, meaning they meet strict regional energy-efficiency requirements that are at least 40% more energy efficient than required by the most common national building codes. Energy Star® is the premier brand designation for energy efficient products.

Why Choose Vinyl Windows

Our vinyl replacement windows are one of our most commonly used materials when needing to install or replace dated or broken windows. Vinyl pane windows are made from extruded vinyl that help to resist heat transfer and condensation. This material also doesn’t fade, rot, or require paint finishing. Jones Paint and Glass offers the best custom vinyl replacement windows and new home windows with Energy Star approved and climatized materials that block harmful UV rays, keep cool or hot air inside, and create the tightest seal possible.
Vinyl replacement windows cost less with Jones Paint and Glass than they do with other leading competitors. You can rest assured that you’re getting the most competitive price when you purchase through us. Our wide selection of the highest-quality products and materials guarantees windows that will stand the test of time. Call the professionals at Jones Paint and Glass today and start looking at life through beautifully new vinyl windows!