2018 Utah Valley Parade of Homes #17 Millhaven Homes

Have you ever had a dream paint palette with colors from 3 or 4 different paint manufacturers?Don’t feel like you have to jump from store-to-store to get paint from each brand. Jones Paint & Glass can color match ANY paint color. Just bring in a paint swatch, fabric sample, throw pillows or curtains, magazine photos, […]

2018 Interior Paint Trends

Color specialists and designers look at a lot of different pieces of the world to predict and pick the color forecast for the upcoming year. They analyze runway, textiles, tile and wood trends, and the metal industry. They also take a look at our political and social trends, and the general “mood” of the world. […]

Digital Color Matching for Paint

Dream paint colors aren’t always found in paint swatches. Sometimes they’re inspired from fabric swatches, wallpapers, backsplashes, or magazines. Sometimes the perfect paint color is a color you already have—but can’t remember the name of. Jones Paint & Glass offers color matching for existing paint or for any other inspiration you can bring to our […]

Home Office Paint Color Ideas to Reach Your Goals in 2018

If expanding your at-home business or fostering organization and productivity in your home is part of your 2018 resolutions, a small home office makeover can help jumpstart your progress.It’s important to make sure your workspace is one in which you are motivated to work. A well-designed workspace that is compatible with your personality and your […]

How to Surprise your Loved One with a Bathroom Remodel

What do you give the person in your life who has everything? How about crossing off one of your “Dream Home too-Do’s”? You may have been talking about remodeling your outdated shower or completing a full bathroom remodel, but just haven’t made it a priority yet. Become a Holiday Hero by (finally) helping to make […]

Coins for Kids & Free Rock Chip Repairs

Donate $20 to Coins for Kids and receive a free rock chip repair Jones Paint & Glass in St. George has a 16-year tradition that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Every December, our St. George location offers free rock chip repairs for every $20+ donation to Coins for Kids. All labor and […]

What are Energy-Efficient Windows? Everything you need to know.

Photo Credit: Heather Telford Photography   You’ve probably heard that energy-efficient windows are an effective way to reduce heating and cooling costs, but how do these windows actually work? And how do you know how effective an energy-efficient window will actually be? How do energy-efficient windows work? Gas Fills Energy-efficient windows are typically insulated glass […]

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2017 Paint Trends: Which Best Describes You?

In 2017, design experts and forecasters are predicting colors that show off our personalities more than ever. Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the vibe of a room–and it’s also one of the easiest mistakes to fix if you end up hating the color. In the past, many homeowners had settled on […]

9 Paint Colors to Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2017

Color psychology is no new concept. From soothing greens in hospital rooms to impulse-driving reds and yellows in fast-food restaurants, the knowledge of how color affects your mood is nearly everywhere. But how can you use paint colors to help you achieve your goals? Most goal and success gurus will tell you that one of […]

After 60 Years in the Industry, James Allred Retires

This October, Jones Paint & Glass said goodbye to one of their longtime experts, James Allred. After a 60-year career in the paint and glass industry, James is switching out his role at Jones Paint & Glass in Vernal to hike, garden, help neighbors, and paint his home inside and out. James started his long […]

Jones Paint and Glass says farewell to long-time Controller, Craig Phillips

If you’ve ever come into Jones Paint & Glass early in the morning, you’ve probably spotted Craig Phillips counting tills or balancing budgets to the tunes of Aerosmith, Lynard Skynard, or the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean. Since the day he walked through the doors of the Provo Jones Paint & Glass location 35 […]

10 Tips for remodeling your bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the home improvement items that makes almost every homeowner’s to-do list, and is one of the relatively less expensive renovation projects to complete. Bathrooms are daily-use rooms, so updating the design, functionality, and look and feel can make a pleasant impact on your daily life! To help prepare for […]

10 Interior Design Trends to look for in 2017

  Metallics   Black and white imagery   Rich floral hues   Shades of green   Upholstered headboards (include diys)   Vanity mirrors (in big bathrooms – odd-shaped mirrors are still “in” in oddly-shaped bathrooms that don’t support sufficient preening).   Glass showers – fewer frames (sometimes a pain to keep clean), and easier now […]

Where do design trends come from

Where do design trends come from? Every year, interior-design enthusiasts everywhere are eager to see what the next year brings. There is a lot of research and psychology that go into design trends. “On a very, very basic level,” says design researcher, Casey Harper, “design trends are acknowledging how people are currently feeling, then helping […]

How to incorporate design trends without going out of style. How to be “in style” without quickly going “out of style.”

When should you paint your exterior

When should you paint the exterior of your home? It’s (finally) spring which means homeowners are starting to think about their outdoor projects. Whether you’re looking to update your curb appeal or if your home is in some serious need of some TLC, a fresh paint job can do the trick. Updating your exterior paint […]

6 Tips for using gray in your home

Gray paint colors whisper, where whites shout. If you’re like us, you learned at a young age that white can feel stark and unfinished, so to pick a white that has a slight tint in it. Well times have changed and now instead of tinted white being the go-to neutral, people are instead choosing more […]

5 Reasons you should let your child pick their paint color

Tip: Have a toddler? Instead of taking them to the paint store, pick 6 or 7 paint chips to bring home and let them choose from. Let them help in the painting process by giving them a small brush or mini roller to help paint with (you can always go back and smooth our their […]

IKEA TARVA nightstand design

Garage Door Tuneups 101

How often do you use your garage door every day? For most people, it’s an average of 4-6 times (2-3 comings and goings). That means your garage door is hauling up or putting down a 150 lb door at least 8 times a day… We usually prefer design over math, but in our calculations, that […]

Declutter – 29 Things to Toss Right Now

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to declutter your home? We’ve consulted some of the best declutter experts on the web to find a list of the top 29 things you should tackle first to toss, give away, or donate to jumpstart your decluttering challenge. Choose one of these items to go through each […]

Bathroom Redesign in Two (ish) Hours

As if December isn’t hectic enough with the stress of the holidays, our designers decided to take their December excitement up a notch with a self-imposed challenge:  2 hands, 2 hours, 1 complete bathroom redesign. Why 2 hours? “I wanted to challenge myself to make a noticeable change within the length of time my toddler […]

Super simple, easy guide to washing your windows and exterior glass

We’re in the business of glass, which means we’re also in the business of knowing the best ways to keep that glass clean and sparkly. We’ve already posted before on this topic (how to clean your windows like a pro), but realized that sometimes — like right before the holiday season, for instance — our […]

Announcing the Arrival of Chalk Paint

Announcing our newest paint arrival:  Paint du Coco, traditional real chalk painting products for professional, artistic finishes on any surface. A love affair with chalk painting products began when DIY­ers everywhere sought versatile and creative paints that were beautiful and easy to use. Out of a cloud of shabby­-chic idée fixe, chalk paint emerged. With […]

Give Your Business a Facelift This Year

Just as an attractive window creates an ambient environment that can brighten a home, an attractive commercial storefront window can literally change your business and scale up your income tremendously. Whether you want to create a new storefront or you want to give your entire business a face-lift, the team at Jones Paint & Glass […]

Paint your ceiling! Mastering the “Fifth Wall”

We’ve mentioned that solid paint color accent walls are out, and that is true… Everywhere except in what designers are calling “the fifth wall,” aka:  Your Ceiling. Paint it, and paint it a solid, beautiful, airy color, and we’re sure you’ll be in love! Many designers are sticking with blues and greys for their painted […]

How can you tell if your windows need to be replaced?

We love spring. It’s the season where people are reemerging from their homes to tackle outdoor projects. Spring cleaning brings a sense of rejuvenation and spring painting brings revitalization. Spring also happens to be a season where people often look at window replacement, which brings revival. New windows for a home are one of our […]

Using Blue Paisley in your Home – 2015 Color of the Year

We’re in love with PPG Pittsburgh Paint’s 2015 color of the year, Blue Paisley. To be honest, we’re more in love with this color choice than the marsala red that Pantone picked for their color of the year… Yes, marsala is a sophisticated and perhaps a more classical choice, but the PPG Pittsburgh Paint color […]

Solid color accent walls are out of style now

Accent walls. You know, we couldn’t quite put our finger on why some accent walls were so gorgeous and why some were so flat and boring… and now we know. Accent walls aren’t supposed to be a means to only halfway commit to a bright bold color in a room, but that’s what they were […]

From Ottoman to Coffee Table – A Custom Glass Solution

When my husband and I purchased our new home, we were particularly excited to be able to hare a couple mugs of hot cocoa or lemonade on the patio at the end of the long day. We’d gotten a comfy “cuddle patio set” for a wedding present which we augmented with an outdoor upright heater […]

In Defense of Accent Walls… As a supplement, not a cop-out

19 Home Organization Tips for 2015

It’s that time of the year again! New Year’s resolutions abound, and on most everyone’s list:  get organized. We know because it’s on our list too. We had a funny experience when we were looking for tips online to plan how, exactly, we were going to “get organized.” It seems all of the “home organization […]

2015 Design Trend Forecast – 5 Things We’re Looking Forward To

We LOVE December, because that’s when designers start revealing their 2015 design trend forecasts. What we love even more, though, is that people are finally recognizing how easy it is to repaint walls and furniture, or to reupholster furniture! This knowledge comes with a freedom that means we’re no longer only painting our houses in […]

How to Clean Plantation Shutters – 4 Tips

You’ve invested in some gorgeous plantation shutters, marveled at your upgraded curb appeal, and relished in the sophisticated beauty. But now you’re staring at those louvers wondering how to keep them looking new. Check out our blog on 11 things to love about plantation shutters. Here are four tips for how to clean plantation shutters […]

Energy Efficient Windows FAQs

If you’re in the market for energy efficient windows, then you’ve probably realized that there’s a bit more to it than a “bad-vs-good” window choice. There are labels, acronyms, ratings, gases, films, and all sorts of things that can get a little overwhelming. We’ve put together a collection of questions we’re regularly asked, as well […]

Fallingwater and its inspired PPG paint color series

In 1930, architect Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned by Edgar Kaufmann Sr. to create a magnificent structure, sprouting from a leafy, rocky hill, straddling a waterfall. This magnificent mountain retreat, named Fallingwater, was completed in 1939 and today remains a National Historic Landmark. Fallingwater truly is an architectural feat, stretching over a 30′ waterfall and […]

Budget Kitchen Makeover for Small Spaces

A kitchen makeover is one of the most overwhelming makeover projects that a homeowner can undertake. Even more so if you’re on a tight budget. Kitchen makeovers are expensive, messy, time consuming, and take one of the most important rooms out of commission for an unseemly amount of time. So you may think. But this […]

Replacement Windows – Before & After

Here at Jones Paint & Glass, we take a lot of pride in our work. We are meticulous when it comes to our windows, and we thought this summer would be a fun time to show off some of our work! you probably already know the benefits of replacing windows from an energy conservation standpoint. […]

Hemlock Green – May Color Trends

Pantone has announced their spring colors, and they are filled with some fun, vibrant, and beautiful selections! May’s color trends include a minty green called Hemlock. This pretty color is cool and relaxing, pairing well with greys, golds, burgundies, and creams. There are several Devoe paint colors inspired by this lovely springy green paint color […]

Decorating Your Bedroom on a Budget – 6 Tips from Pros

Decorating your bedroom on a budget may seem like a tall order, but it’s actually quite accessible. We asked six of our designers for their tips for decorating your bedroom on a budget, and came up with a list of six great ideas to share with you. First, let’s look at the positive science of […]

How to Paint Aluminum Siding

Every spring, we get a lot of customers ready to start their spring cleaning checklist by repainting the exterior of their home. We get asked a lot whether or not you can paint aluminum siding, and the answer is YES! Painting your aluminum siding can be time-consuming, so depending on the size of your home, […]

17 Unique Flower Containers – Alternatives to Vases

One of the best parts of spring are the flowers. First, the daffodils pop up, then the tulips, and soon your garden is overflowing in color. At Jones Paint & Glass, we know our customers are creative, so we have a hunch that a boring old vase just doesn’t cut it when you bring a […]

Interior Design Inspiration – 4 Tips

You hit that yard sale over the weekend and found a piece of décor that you absolutely LOVE. The only problem is that it won’t fit into the current design of your room… So what do you do? Do you leave this perfect piece where it lays? Or do you accept the challenge, huck it […]

What Paint Sheen to Use – Tips, Tricks and Advice

For us, the paint aisle is like being in a candy store. So many colors, sizes, brands, choices! We love it because it’s our work. We have, however, heard the laments of people who have picked out their colors, but aren’t sure what their next step should be. It can sometimes be confusing when you’re […]

IKEA Hacked DIY Girls Room on a Budget

Now for the DIY part of our DIY girls room on a budget: Let’s start with the shelf seat. This adorable, functional piece is an IKEA Hacked EXPEDIT bookshelf. To get the look on a budget: Paint the interior of the shelves painted a pale turquoise. You can create a DIY seat cushion by purchasing […]

Earthy Bedroom Inspiration

It finally happened. Our once-seafoam-green guest bedroom has been transformed into a brown, meditative earthy bedroom paradise. We peeled off the Buzz Lightyear stickers, put on a fresh coat of paint, and picked out a few earthy decor pieces. Now we finally have a room that we won’t be embarrassed to have guests stay in! […]

Glossy Paint Over Flat – New Painting Trend

There’s a new paint trend that is making a splash in the interior design realm:  glossy paint over flat. In this cool paint pattern, designers use the same color of glossy and matte paint to create a subtle design that is especially beautiful in well-lit rooms. Begin with a matte wall and use a patterned […]

Decorating with a Repurposed Ladder

New ways of decorating with a repurposed ladder are appearing more and more in interior design. At first decorative ladders mostly appeared in rustic designs, but now they are making their way into shabby-chic, contemporary, and eclectic decor. If you don’t have an old ladder laying around, then it’s totally worth scouring online classifieds or […]

Thanksgiving Tips for a Smooth and Stylish Holiday

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Here are some Thanksgiving tips and tricks to help you prepare and get through the holiday smoothly and stylishly. 1. Decorate your table. Beautiful place settings don’t have to take a lot of effort. Nor do they need to be extravagant or complicated. […]

Perfect Purple Room Ideas

We sometimes wonder if most Americans are colorphobes. The taupes and tans are picked over the vibrant and edgy hues time and time again. We want to inspire you to take another look at that paint swatch in your hand and think, “I’m going to bring in some color!” Purple is a difficult color to […]

Celebrating 75 Years – Jones Paint & Glass

Harold Jones founded Jones Paint & Glass in 1938 with the help of a modest investment from his parents. They believed in Harold’s idea so much that they used their furniture as collateral to take out a small loan to help fund his company. Now, three quarters of a century later, Jones Paint & Glass […]

Tiffany Blue Laundry Room

Laundry rooms aren’t the type of room that you redecorate so you can cozy up in it with a small group of friends and a pot of tea. It’s not even the type of room that you redecorate so you can show off your impeccable style skills to the occasional passerby. No, laundry rooms are […]

Winterize your Deck in 4 Easy Steps

We know, we know. Summer has been flung out the window and the winter holidays are steadily on their way, but don’t throw out that outdoor to-do list just yet. Taking just a few hours this weekend to winterize your deck can help add years to your deck life by protecting it from the harsh […]

6 Tips for a Beautiful Accent Wall

An accent wall can be a great way to bring a pop of color into a room without overpowering the eye. Here are some great tips for picking the right wall and right paint color. 1 – Stay architecturally aware. The point of an accent wall is to draw the eye to a specific part […]

DIY Tissue Paper Poms

Do you love soft, colorful tissue paper poms? Check out our DIY blog to see how you can make these inexpensive, beautiful decorations at home. DIY Tissue Paper Poms Supplies: Tissue Paper Wire Clear Nylon Thread Scissors 1 – To create these poms, you will want about 12-16 layers of tissue paper. First, stack the […]

DIY Girls Nursery

We wanted to share this dramatic room transformation from one of our Jones Paint & Glass customers. This family transformed a neon nightmare into a heavenly haven with a good coat of primer, some beautiful neutral Devoe paint colors, and some creative DIY embellishments. This family purchased a home in December in preparation for their […]

Decorating Style Quiz

What is your interior design style? Pull out a pad of paper and take our design quiz to find out! Quiz Instructions: Keep track of your answers to each of the following questions, then tally up how much of each letter you have at the end of the quiz. At the end of the quiz, […]

Inexpensive Summer Decorating Ideas

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and you’re really hoping to bring some of that cheerful summer into the house! Check out our 10 inexpensive summer decorating ideas. 1 – Colorful pillows. Spice up neutral furniture with summer-loving colorful pillows. One pillow in the center of the couch, one on either end, or […]

Decorating With Mirrors – What You See is What You Get

According to designer and architect Andreea Avram Rusu, there aren’t any rules when it comes to decorating with mirrors. “Mirrors bring light and depth into rooms — they’re like decorative windows you can move around and place as you like,” she says. We already know that mirrors add space and depth to a room, but […]

How to Clean Windows

How to Clean Windows Like a Pro – 10 Steps Does your spring-cleaning list include cleaning your windows this season? Maybe you’re tired of the always-streaking Windex and newspaper method, or maybe your goal is to deep clean your windows for not only a clear view but also smoother operation. Continue reading for our 10 […]

Plantation Shutters

11 Things to Love! We love plantation shutters! The wide louvers are classy, sophisticated, and let in the light while still providing the coziness of traditional shutters. Here are 11 reasons to love plantation shutters 1. Light:  Unlike traditional shutters and many window coverings, plantation shutters allow much more light to enter a room. Homes […]

Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing your windows with more energy efficient windows is a big undertaking. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to replace your windows, then hopefully our infographic will help you decide whether or not it is a worthy investment for you and your family! Replacing all the windows in the home costs an […]

Yellow Room Ideas – Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore has announced that their 2013 Color of the Year is Lemon Sorbet (2019-60). Read below for yellow room ideas to inspire integrating this beautiful color into your home! This muted yellow pastel is the perfect addition to bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms. A great pairing for earthy neutrals, Lemon Sorbet brings […]

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